Crematory – Infinity (2010)

Artist: Crematory

Album: Infinity

Released: 2010

Style: Doom Death Metal

Format: MP3 VBR

Size: 97 Mb

01 – Infinity
02 – Sense Of Time
03 – Out Of Mind
04 – Black Celebration
05 – Never Look Back
06 – Broken Halo
07 – Where Are You Now
08 – A Story About…
09 – No One Knows
10 – Auf der Flucht


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One Response to Crematory – Infinity (2010)

  1. All-Rock says:

    Hello Rock and Metal Lovers,

    Crematory are still the same with this new album. The 2 voices mixing Rock, Metal, Doom and Death are enchanting!
    Once again, I’m really thankful to New Album Releases for helping me indirectly with the new releases to chose the good Rock and Metal songs for my All-Rock weekly charts!


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