Powerwolf – Bible of the Beast (Promo 2009)

Artist: Powerwolf

Album: Bible of the Beast (Promo 2009)

Year: 2009

Style: Power Metal

Format: MP3 VBR

Size: 75 MB

01.Opening- Prelude to Purgatory 01:14
02.Raise Your Fist, Evangelist 04:00
03.Moscow After Dark 03:15
04.Panic in the Pentagram 05:15
05.Catholic in the Morning …Satanist at Night 03:58
06.Seven Deadly Saints 03:36
07.Werewolves of Armenia 03:55
08.We Take the Church by Storm 03:55
09.Resurrection by Erection 03:51
10.Midnight Messiah 04:13
11.St. Satans Day 04:31
12.Wolves Against the World 06:05


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