Eminem – Recovery (2010)

Artist: Eminem

Album: Recovery

Released: 2010

Style: Rap

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 206 Mb

01 – Cold Wind Blows
02 – Talkin’ 2 Myself (feat Kobe)
03 – On Fire
04 – Won’t Back Down (feat Pink)
05 – W.T.P.
06 – Going Through Changes
07 – Not Afraid
08 – Seduction
09 – No Love (feat Lil Wayne)
10 – Space Bound
11 – Cinderella Man
12 – 25 To Life
13 – So Bad
14 – Almost Famous
15 – Love The Way You Lie (feat Rihanna)
16 – You’re Never Over
17 – Untitled

Bonus Tracks:
01 – Ridaz
02 – Session One (Feat. Slaughterhouse)


Bonus Tracks:

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22 Responses to Eminem – Recovery (2010)

  1. Khai says:

    Nice post, how do you get all these albums early?

    Em not as his best but better than the last album

  2. Tjeah says:

    Best album EVER !

  3. Adam says:

    @ Khai
    the album was leaked and that’s why newalbumreleases.org have it!
    i’m gonna wait for a 320kbps before i comment….

  4. AstalaVista says:

    Thanks dude..

  5. satepout says:

    Thanks a lot….. :)

  6. qwertty says:

    link not working

  7. Miqsh says:

    not bad .. Eminem’s delivery is sharp as ever ..

  8. sir laurence says:

    This album is amazing!!! His best stuff yet!

  9. MACK-S says:

    Good stuff. I’m happy to say: Eminem is back

  10. mr.t says:

    looks like there is a volume drop in song no.4

  11. Anonymous says:

    .A lot of artists now a day leak there own albums for higher publicity and ratings.
    That is one way to get it. Some have a promo cd cause there in the music industry. Then they can rip it and upload it on to the computer. Or maybe a copy was stolen at the studio or the music label office. It not fact but my opinion and observations. This is an okay album but it lacks the magic from his previous albums. I also know he is the music department but he is still human and can’t have hits all the time. I feel his career moved way to fast and he is burned out. The expectations are too high for him and too much pressure. I try not to be too harsh on him.

  12. Joe says:

    @ MR T Theres suppose to be a drop in the song, because he says ” b*tch you listening tryna’ turn me down , sl*t I’m talking to you, turn me back up! ” its good production there x

  13. rocovery says:

    @ mr.t
    that’s how the song is supposed to be..

  14. Unknown says:

    Yes, for “Won’t back” down”, listen to the song with deezer.

  15. Joe says:

    whens 320 kbps being up loaded?

  16. AlarmMan says:

    Damn.. I just hear 2 song from from this album in youtube, Not afraid and Love The Way You Lie (feat Rihanna). And this is very..very.. very good album. This Album Bringing me back to Mashal Mathers LP. Fisrt time i hear eminem song and it make me want to hear more and more. yeahh SHADY IS BACK. This album will be BANG…***** STARS. WELCOME BACK SHADY

  17. ouija says:

    Would’t call it his best album, but better than the last.

  18. arti says:

    Can U Put a Rapide Share Mirror Too?
    Hotfile & Sharing Matrix R Blocked in my country

  19. Nick says:

    Thanks 4 this album, i did hear good comments about it.

  20. Slim Shady says:

    Recovery is the BEst albums ever

  21. Dr The Motherfukkin Doctor says:

    This is the Best Eminem Album ever!

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