Dirty Projectors and Bjork – Mount Wittenberg Orca (2010)

Artist: Dirty Projectors and Bjork

Album: Mount Wittenberg Orca

Released: 2010

Style: Experimental

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 48 Mb

01 – Ocean
02 – On and Ever Onward
03 – When the World Comes to an End
04 – Beautiful Mother
05 – Sharing Orb
06 – No Embrace
07 – All We Are


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8 Responses to Dirty Projectors and Bjork – Mount Wittenberg Orca (2010)

  1. Mike says:

    This is a $7 charity album…putting it up/downloading it from here is kind of low.

  2. oz says:

    Mike, don’t be such a hypocrite , you’re here for downloading, an’t you?

  3. Felipe A. says:

    shut up and download it.

  4. Fat Pwny says:

    Mike = pwned

  5. James says:

    Mike is right. All proceeds are going to National Geographic Society’s Oceans Initiatives. This is an entirely non-profit album release.

  6. Fat Pwny says:

    How come posting this is “low”, but it’s all well and good to post records of indie bands who need the financial support just to keep going? Not everyone who has their material posted here is on deck to film their edition of MTV Cribs.

    You can’t have a circumstantial morale when it comes to file-sharing; either you’re for it or against it. If you’ve come across this because you’re a regular visitor to the site, you can take that outwardly-pointed finger to the nearest mirror.

  7. BeeBop says:


    DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. nicomovies says:

    Beautiful, a match made in whatever fictional place you connect with absolute enjoyment, the projectors coming from such a masterpiece as bitte orca and bjork, whos’s just one of the most relevant atists working right now, together, i assure you. provides some of the most powerful sonic heights of the year; it’s also somewat medulla-ish, which to me is a treat since i’m one of the few to whom that album i my favorite from bjork, please get it if mildly interested, and if you can contribute to the charity earnings…

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