Papa Roach – To Be Loved The Best Of Papa Roach (2010)

Artist: Papa Roach

Album: To Be Loved The Best Of Papa Roach

Released: 2010

Style: Alt Rock

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 111 Mb

01 – Broken Home
02 – Last Resort
03 – Time And Time Again
04 – She Loves Me Not
05 – Scars
06 – Getting Away With Murder
07 – Just Go (Never Look Back)
08 – …To Be Loved
09 – Reckless
10 – Had Enough (Acoustic)
11 – Forever (Live)
12 – Hollywood Whore
13 – Lifeline
14 – Scars (Acoustic)


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5 Responses to Papa Roach – To Be Loved The Best Of Papa Roach (2010)

  1. foxtrot says:

    some songs are incomplete

  2. texsguy says:

    Apparently,this is an “unauthorized” release,as the band has asked their fans to not buy it.

  3. TheLoCoRaven says:

    Yea. Seems like all songs are fine besides Getting Away With Murder and … To Be Loved. Those are cut short . . .

  4. Jx says:

    Great Compilation!

  5. Chris says:


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