The Beach Boys – Summer Love Songs (2009)

Artist: The Beach Boys

Album: Summer Love Songs

Year: 2009

Style: Rock

Format: MP3 VBR

Size: 79 MB

01.Dont Worry, Baby 02:52
02.Why Do Fools Fall in Love 02:36
03.Wouldnt it Be Nice 02:34
04.God Only Knows 02:55
05.Surfer Girl 02:28
06.California Girls 02:47
07.Please Let Me Wonder 02:52
08.In the Parkin Lot 02:04
09.Your Summer Dream 02:29
10.Kiss Me, Baby 02:44
11.Hushabye 02:44
12.Im So Young 02:35
13.Good to My Baby 02:22
14.Fallin in Love 03:04
15.Time to Get Alone 02:57
16.Our Sweet Love 02:41
17.Help Me, Rhonda 02:49
18.Keep an Eye on Summer 02:24
19.Dont Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) 02:59
20.Girls on the Beach 03:01


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