Philip Selway – Familial (2010)

Artist: Philip Selway

Album: Familial

Released: 2010

Style: Folk Rock

Format: MP3 176Kbps

Size: 43 Mb

01 – By Some Miracle
02 – Beyond Reason
03 – A Simple Life
04 – All Eyes On You
05 – The Ties That Bind Us
06 – Patron Saint
07 – Falling
08 – Broken Promises
09 – Don’t Look Down
10 – The Witching Hour


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5 Responses to Philip Selway – Familial (2010)

  1. redbeltaroundmymind says:

    phil selway… the drummer for radiohead? i was unaware of a solo album.

  2. says:

    yes, its radiohead drummer.

  3. callmegus says:

    hey , really ??

  4. Nicolas says:

    Hey, If you want to, you can read this article, Here explains everything about the album and also what selway has to say about it… enjoy it!! let’s see how good is it….

  5. Mew says:

    Great Album!!!

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