Margaret Cho – Cho Dependent (2010)

Artist: Margaret Cho

Album: Cho Dependent

Released: 2010

Style: Indie Pop

Format: MP3 146Kbps

Size: 68 Mb

01 – Intervention (Feat. Tegan And Sara)
02 – Calling In Stoned (Feat. Tommy Chong)
03 – Your Dick (Feat. Ben Lee)
04 – Baby I’m With The Band (Feat. Brendan Benson)
05 – Hey Big Dog (Feat. Fiona Apple)
06 – I’m Sorry (Feat. Andrew Bird)
07 – Lice
08 – Enemies (Feat. Jon Brion)
09 – Asian Adjacent
10 – Gimme Your Seed (Feat. Garrison Starr)
11 – Eat Shit And Die (Feat. Grant Lee Phillips)
12 – Captain Cameltoe (Feat. Ani DiFranco)
13 – My Puss


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  1. yaby says:

    Perfect, thx!!!

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