Marty Friedman – Bad DNA (2010)

Artist: Marty Friedman

Album: Bad DNA

Released: 2010

Style: Heavy Metal

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 97 Mb

01 – Specimen
02 – BAD D.N.A.
03 – Weapons of Ecstacy
04 – Hatejoke
05 – Glorious Accident
06 – Random Star
07 – Picture
08 – Battle Scars
09 – Track 9
10 – Exorcism Parade
11 – Time To Say Goodbye


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2 Responses to Marty Friedman – Bad DNA (2010)

  1. Gava says:

    I like friedman, but this one it’s really strange … some digital drums and tecno bitt, put some real drums man !!!

    bad bad …

  2. Ea says:

    A great music album where his technical skills are not the focus. Perfect for lovers of games soundtracks and electronic-core miscellanea.

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