Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns (2010)

Artist: Linkin Park

Album: A Thousand Suns

Released: 2010

Style: Alt Rock

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 108 Mb

01 – The Requiem
02 – The Radiance
03 – Burning In The Skies
04 – Empty Spaces
05 – When They Come For Me
06 – Robot Boy
07 – Jornada Del Muerto
08 – Waithing For The End
09 – Blackout
10 – Wretches And Kings
11 – Wisdom, Justice, And Love
12 – Iridescent
13 – Fallout
14 – The Catalyst
15 – The Messenger


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88 Responses to Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns (2010)

  1. Absolute Shit says:

    Absolute fucking shit…. wow

  2. what a waste of time fuck this shit

  3. New Fan says:

    BLACKOUT <320

  4. Dan says:

    It certainly doesn’t sound like the old LP but it’s not that bad. It’s a decent pop/rock record.

  5. Ali says:

    complete piece of shit, i have sympathy forsure for the guy who wasted his time bringing this
    shit to us, linkin fart as shitty as they have never been before!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. johnny says:


  7. blessphemy says:

    linkin fart? you are so cool, these guys at least have balls to try something not even a fan, i like it

  8. James says:

    Give it some time, I didn’t like their previous album on first listen but totally fell in love with the album after a few plays,

  9. rickbarrerah says:

    I like it but it really needs at least 1 “heavy” song, Like it not Loving it

  10. grumpy says:

    This album, indeed, is crap! Sorry LP, appreciate the fact that you DID try something new, but it is quite tasteless! i was excited too! aww man :(

  11. Jonas says:

    haha thank goodness for sights like this!!! i would have wasted valuable money on this album!!!
    wow freaking horrible!

  12. chester7 says:

    waiting for the end..
    that fell so good sound..
    9o under9round.. !!!

  13. DFHJHU says:

    SUCKS!!!! OMG!!!! This album sucks, the only good song 4 me is The Catalyst…..shit

  14. Linkin to The Past says:

    you guys expected a NU-METAL album or what ? of course it’s different so, c’mon haters, I wish you could produce the same album, retarded noobs.

  15. Adam says:

    honeslty this is one amazing album. its new, creative and innovated. Musically the best album they made. It feels like art from start to end. This is not your typical commerical album therefore you have a bunch of clowns that don’t like it. not everybody will get it and its okay becuz not everybody is musically intellectual.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am not a huge fan there are a couple I like. Way too many Retarded Noobs on here.
    They have the guts to do something different. All the haters here if you can do better
    let see. Put up or shut up wannabe rejects. Some people don’t like change. But that
    is not how life works will keep on evolving. If they keep on going in this direction I maybe
    come more of a fan.

  17. Coby says:

    Yes, Adam. Very intellectual, indeed. And totally non-commercial, for shure. But I prefer listening to the latest astonishing prodigy Britney Spears. She’s very unpopular until now ’cause her opus is very heavy and there is only a small bunch of people able to understand and to feel the outstanding thoughts she’s communicating to the world.

  18. gobaru says:

    esta super chingo este disco de LP,, muchas grax man por subirlo

  19. Dan Tran says:

    I totally agree with adam, now they made it, done it, now they are making music for music sake, exploring new things, testing the boundary, people who hate on them were never really fans of them, ya they like the music but not really them. chester’s unique voice is there hahn bad ass beats are there, and so now, it just a new direction, like they said themselves this album is art, a concept album. Any true fan would understand and appreciate their hope to express themselves differently.

  20. Big Al says:

    You say, musically intellectual does that equal to “No freaking taste”? Because listening to this, makes me wanna cut of my ears.

  21. Dee Bianchetti says:

    ABSOLUTELY AGREE to what Adam & Dan Tran have to say!!!!!!!!!!
    This album totally feels like an intellectual piece of art! Its like a story from the start to the end!! Perfectly done….brilliant Production!!!!! Grabbed the album on its first day of release here in Switzerland!! :D

  22. Helder says:

    The worst album i have listen in years.


  23. Claudio says:

    what that?? and experimantal indian electronic pop rock also whit regge bits …..thats the wors album of lp

  24. HC says:

    LP impressing as always. Unusual sound and very experimental. Good

  25. BarryTheCaveman says:

    Well, it’s definitely not Hybrid Theory :/

  26. Zacky6661 says:

    Piece. Of. Crap.
    I’m a huge fan of them, but this is just bullshit.
    It sounds like some songs aren’t even completed.
    I hope they do better next time… :(

  27. Anonymous says:

    I like this album. Some people don’t like change or new. I like new as long as it works and it does here. There experimenting which there entitled to. There making music on there terms.
    I can respect that and appreciate it for what it is worth. If you are a true fan you will be able to appreciate this IMHO. Some people just like to hate.

  28. Anonymous says:

    PS; I agree some people are not getting what this is about. Oh well as long as I am enjoying it that is what counts. Christ they got bored doing the same crap all the time. I would too if I was them.

  29. angelus says:


  30. Ronniek2 says:

    Linkin Park is fucking dead by publishing such bullshits. Wish they never made this and let Meteora stay immortal.

  31. Araya says:

    Mybe 3 songs are good…i am a hardcore fan of LP but this is album is crap…

  32. Boodoosh says:

    People need to get some perspective – Linkin Park are gonna produce music they want not what the masses want or the Record company wants – I am sure they don’t want to piss their fans off but if you want Hybrid Theory then Listen to Hybrid Theory.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to say they don’t like it is fine – but to say Linkin Park are dead or the album is shit says more about the reviewer than the record or Linkin Park.
    I have not listened to it and I suspect I wont like it – but the same has happened to many bands and artists.
    And to be honest if they did another Hybrid Theory they would be panned for not moving on musically.
    Will now listen to it and despair – but I believe Linkin Park and all other artists should produce what they want and if I don’t like it tough that’s my problem and I will wish them goodluck.

  33. Marcus says:

    OMG This Album Suckssss

  34. Absolute Shit says:

    News, Linkin Park will never get what they used to be.

    They wil from now on always suck dick!

  35. Max says:

    This album is not a shit, but it is not good either, its mixed elements made it confusing. confusing but not a shit.

  36. d3vilRed says:

    just listen to what LP is saying not the thing you expect from them.

  37. oceana says:

    this is a very unique album.i love it.the whole album is one song,thats the have to listen to it from track 1 to track 15 to realize it.but many people didnt get it

  38. ElWalter says:

    Diferente… no tan de mi gusto como sus antiguos discos… pero diferente, interesante…

  39. Indie Glory says:

    When Linkin’ Park came back with the clean sound, traditional guitar works and beautiful melody in “Minutes To Midnight”, there was a group of fans who loves the Nu-Metal sound critized them a lot. However, they got a lot of new fans who love their sound at the time. I’m among of their new fans.
    But when they come to this experiment, I have to say that sorry I can’t get this.
    This album sounds like an electro pop/rock with experimental sound, however I think they are losing their good direction that they’ve established from the previous album.
    Obviously, they deserve some support for their brave in music, but I’m just wondering if they just keep changing like this, what does people really remember about their music ?

  40. a METAL fan says:

    ok, there are a lot of music styles and genres (allthough i wish there weren’t), there are people with a lot of different tastes. linkin park was one of my first bands. after hearing them and a few others i got into metal and now i would rather die than listen something else. i LOVED linkin park. i liked chesters voice and everything else. they were super-famous. and then suddenly they started to hate what they were doing for years. a CATASTROPHE for all metalheads! i dont expect they will go back to nu metal. they stated: we hate nu metal. how can this be? i absolutely dont get it even now. i will listen to hybrid theory and meteora. BUT 2 ALBUMS JUST ISNT ENOUGH! those albums are unique and there arent more like them! wat joy would it be if all four albums would be nu metal! Linkin park is dead as a metal group. as they are now – yes they are alive. but not to me! if they did another hybrid theory, the metal community would greet them open armed! i dont have anything against changes, but when a nu metal band transforms into this… its just sad. hybrid theory and meteora were intellectual enough for a metal band. BANDS DONT HAVE TO CHANGE THEIR STYLE FROM GROUND TO TOP TO TRY SOMETHING NEW! AND IM NOT A MUSICIAN SO I DONT MAKE MUSIC, NEITHER GOOD NOR BAD! IM JUST A FAN WHO WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HEAR THE GREATEST NU METAL BAND IN HISTORY DO WHAT THEY WERE DOING BEST! P.S. ALL NON-METAL NOOBS GO NOW AND DIE! MAYBE THEN GOOD BANDS WILL CONTINUE TO KICK ASS!

  41. Andrux says:


  42. disco polo fan says:


  43. whizzzz says:

    I think in this Lp needs something lost progressively in all her LPs from Hybrid Theory, I think linkin park never make a LP like her first album, I´m sad for this but if is this new orientation of the band is very disappointing, the once of the best band in the beggining of the XXI century, ten years later, one of much music band in recesion……..

  44. sgwtr says:

    they werent any good since beginig…

  45. Evilman says:

    Mallcore at his best

  46. Imaginesingz says:

    “Blackout”, “Waiting For The End”, “Catalyst”, “Robot Boy”, Iridescent” … these songs alone… make any album classic.. and the musical interludes pieced the album together beautifully.. Don’t say the album sucks because you don’t want to accept the fact that they have a new sound.. that’s for a more universal audience.

  47. Chris says:

    You sure this isnt the jonas brothers new cd?

  48. a METAL fan says:

    i piss on that new sound and on the universal audience!

  49. Absolute Shit says:



    LOL what the fuck is wrong with u dude… You call people noobs, I’m sorry but that only applies in video games… So one, your a fuck tard, and 2 your a fucking retard, they were never a metal band, they were always nu-metal… i know your thinking.. it says metal in the genre… so i’ll speak slllooooowllly…. Nu-metal is pretty much a genre that has almost everything in it, but can’t be put into another category, like Rap and rock, and hip hop mix. Or like Korn, a metal/softer/grunge band…. Nu-metal… they don’t fit metal, and for everyone who says they are, you are wrong.

    I agree, linkin park has never sucked so much, but they will never be the same so fucking deal with it… I just will never buy any of their albums, ever again….

  50. Sally says:

    “Don’t say the album sucks because you don’t want to accept the fact that they have a new sound.”

    Don’t say the album is good because you don’t want to accept the fact that your all time favorite band produced the biggest fail in history of music.

    What a silly and lame argumentation. If at least 50 percent (and more) of the comments here are sayin they dislike the album, it can’t be very good. HT & M are liked by all of us ;) .

  51. Munk says:

    This is now a fight between people who won’t ever like Linkin Park again and people who are trying to justify this change as being good but forgetting this album is as far from anything Linkin Park started with (or even from Minutes) as a complete new band would be… This isn’t Linkin Park, this is a band in desperate need of a name change every time they skip through genres.

    I’m more saddened by there being almost no guitar to this album, it is sad and i’m not even talking about the no-distortion issue. Oh and the lyrics, yay another band that has found its ways into “God’s” hands… What a way to case in a cheque on an audience that would not accept the old LP.


  52. wang says:

    WTF !!! first time i heard it i think have a boyzband album or fake one, bur finally it’s reality LP fuked up since Meteora ! now they’re famous and rich so they don’t give a f***! fort minor sounds better ! suicidal tendencies and helmet latest albums are better !!! and agree with the real fan that’s a bullsh** album !

  53. wang says:

    boycott it !!! and i don’t think this album will be a selling succes, only for noobs listener !!! r.i.p. shinoda & hahn. LOL

  54. Uhh says:

    it’s great work from this wonderful site, new releases before anybody but this band goes bad THIS ALBUM IS AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL “A-W-F-U-L”, Uhh.. Linkin Park became SUCKS.

  55. Crushed LP lover says:

    OH my GOD!! What is happened To this Band ?!! Now I am shocked …. & I blame my self bec I downloaded it ….

  56. Sabrewolf says:

    Some people think if you don’t like this album that’s because you don’t like the new LP style but please even if this album is really a different kind of music, it’s just a piece of crap !

    What make LP great by the past was not the metal style ; there’s many other metal groups which don’t have their reputation. So it’s not about style but about quality of the song and the music. This SHIT is far to be the genius symphonic composition we use to hear when we listen a LP song.

    So to those who think I’m a hater, you are wrong. I’m a lover ! I love what make LP fabulous and it’s not about commercial !!! What made them popular was not their hair style or whatever stupid fashion/commercial fact but the great composition of their music ! And if you don’t like what they was first you just don’t know what made them famous and therefore how can you argue about their way to make music now ?

    What make me love LP was not just the nu metal style. In fact, I didn’t even know this kind of music when I discover LP (yeah, sound strange isn’t it ?). But LP make me love nu metal, rap rock, alternative rock (whatever how this kind of music could be name) and all the assimilated styles like never I could think it will be.

    And now what I hear it’s an insult to their first fans. No matter what some people could think, this is a treachery, a masquerade, a big shame. If you like this …(oh god!)… album, good for you. But don’t blame those who are disappointed because they are totally right to be disappointed.

    “Dead by Sunrise” (side project of Chester Bennington) could be some of LP’s ashes with “Fort Minor” (side project of Mike Shinoda).

    When you mash up these 2 groups, I think it could be possible to try to figure out what was LP.


  57. Sabrewolf says:

    I just found some Meteora and Reanimation instrumentals. That’s what we can call music, just the instrumentals was awesome and that was LP. Just the instrumentals was beautiful. Listen and you’ll understand.

  58. RF Switch says:

    Linkin Park has matured, from the emotional level of an angry 13 year old to the emotional level of a 16 year old who has been listening to Nine Inch Nails and has millions of dollars in production for some reason. Also Linkin Park’s older brother just gave him a copy of Radiohead’s Kid A, which he has been pretending to ‘get’ to impress big bro. Still not good music, but dammit, they are closer than they have ever been.

  59. R says:

    It’s funny that it took this long for you people to figure out that Linkin Park sucks. The music is generic. Musicmanship? Really? Then you must not play an instrument or know music theory because any beginner can play this crap. Think outside of the box. There are many other unknown bands other there that deserve a listen. Ones with true talent. Don’t waste your time listening to mainstream radio.

  60. Sabrewolf says:


    “It’s funny that it took this long for you people to figure out that Linkin Park sucks.”

    The day you’ll be able to compose something like this

    then you’ll say LP have already suck.

    But before this day… Hell, SHUT THE F*** UP !

  61. Evilman says:

    “There are many other unknown bands other there that deserve a listen. Ones with true talent. Don’t waste your time listening to mainstream radio.” [2]

  62. Sarge says:

    This is … wait for it …. BIEBER!

  63. Maria says:

    It’s not as bad as some of you are making it out to be but it really doesn’t sound like Linkin Park. They should have released it under a different name.

  64. Arnaud says:

    I bought the cd and even if it definitely sounds weird and poppy it’s not so fuckin’ bad at all…
    As i’m a drummer, I wished Rob played a little bit more because the fail of this record is that Mr. Hahn monopolize the instrumental parts…

    I do not like all the songs, but some of them like “Blackout” remains me LP’s rock song.
    (I’m french, sorry for the mistake…)

  65. Imaginesingz says:

    It kills me that you are saying the album sucks because it’s not Linkin Park. None of you are listening to this album and judging it based on how good the music. Everyone’s just mad “their favorite band” has a new sound. Bands progress and evolve all the time. Open your mind and stop wanting to hear the same shit all the time.

  66. Evilman says:

    “Open your mind and stop wanting to hear the same shit all the time.”

    Yeah you’re right. New crap FTW.

  67. claudio says:

    if you read all coments ……crusifay this album and burnet and be sure that not resusite to the 3 day

  68. Sabrewolf says:


    We don’t want to hear the same thing m**** we just want LP back.

    “Bands progress and evolve all the time”

    Really s***** statement. In this case, this album is NOT an evolution but a regression. And I’m not talking about the kind of music. The point is about the quality and in this case it’s a very low-grade. I’ve heard this shit and not appreciate it. Even if they decide to change their style, they could at least try to keep the same level. You’re really trying to make us think this album is an evolution ? Which kind of evolution is this ? Is not about screaming like some fans want to hear, where is the melody ? where is the symphony ? Many song incomplete or just interludes. Do you think that is fair ?

    Oh by the way, I’m not only listening LP or any other metal stuff like you used to think. Here my favourite artists :
    Toni Braxton
    Alanis Morissette
    Tori Amos
    Kelly Clarkson
    Phil Collins
    Sean Paul
    Kyo, Coldplay (not now, because I feel depressed when I listen their songs)
    …and many James Bond soundtracks movies.

    So keep your “Open your mind” bullsh** lecture for someone else !

  69. tano says:

    R.I.P Linkin Park =(

  70. Imaginesingz says:

    To each his own.. I’m done…lol
    Nice taste in Music Sabrewolf.

  71. katty says:

    This album realy sucks! the old ones were a hundred better than this ……it’s a waste of time and money….. ‘THE CATALYST’WOW, is horrible!

  72. Boodoosh says:

    Having now listen to it – I like it – made myslef listen to it 3 or 4 times and can see why some dont like it.
    But I love Hybrid theory – and initially hated reanimation but now I love that too.
    So I like all their albums – I assume by the comments in here that makes me a freak – lol
    Well I’d rather be a freak than some sado who just wants to hate without any thought.

    Think LP should applauded that rather than milk the cash cow and they decided to do what they wanted – which is where Hybrid theory came from in the first place.
    So by hating LP for this album you are criticising LP for making the same type of decisions that produced the Music you did like – wow getting deep (for me anyway)

    Anything original is to be commended or would you rather they did a greatest hits ?

    I also love Disturbed, Foo Fighters and Christina Aguilera – but not always for the same reasons ;)

  73. GaBi says:

    Piensen que cualquier banda tiene buenos discos, y tambien malos discos. Ahora es el turno de LP. Pero siempre recuerden que Linkin Park sigue rockeando !

    Think that any band have good albums, and also bad albums. Now is the turn of LP. But always remember that Linkin Park keep rocking !

  74. peg says:

    linkin park without guitar?!?!?! lol im wondering what was the job of the poor guitarist in this album!? they tried to bring a new sound to their tracks, but they disappointed their fans, not that its not good, the fact is : they have fans who love them cuz of the rocks , when there is no rock, the fans wont listen to it, no matter who is the author of the album/tracks, the song should match the listener personality, when we say we are LP’s fans, means their tracks make us feel good, it means that its his/her kind of music…
    music has 2 parts that complete each other, text and melody, linkin park gathered lots of fans cuz of their texts, but its important that how we transfer the feeling of the text to our audiences by the melody, stilll LP’s texts rock, but the melodies in this album, in my opinion, they really doesnt transfer the feeling so good, maybe thats becuz its not the thing that we remember from LP , the rock, the guitar and chester’s shouts and mike’s raplike texts….and maybe thats why we cant really connect so good with this new piece of music, tagged as linkin park and rock, but infact, its not linkin park’s style… im still on of their fans, and i can say i will be forever, but i want from linkin park to return to their old style, cuz i’ll miss it, most of the fans wll……

  75. Max says:

    thanks for the upload, good quality… unfortunately its a terrible album. i can’t imagine even die hard LP fans getting this album and saying “yeah this is awesome!” (unless their deaf)

  76. carlitolovely says:

    I think some people do not deserve to be a LP fan. Guys, this is amazing (not the record) but their musical evolution… I think this record is decent Pop/Rock album. We should be more patient and more open to the changes.

  77. Sabrewolf says:


    “some people do not deserve to be a LP fan”. Yeah, good one ! Good laugh !

    When you say “some people”, tell me how many people you think about ? Because what I heard in the majority until now on all the forums is this album awfully sucks !!! And I noticed we are many LP fans (whatever the reasons we are) who just don’t like this … (I don’t even know how I could name that stuff).

    By the way, I listened many other artists songs to know what is a change and what is a piece of c***.

  78. Evilman says:

    ” I think some people do not deserve to be a LP fan. Guys, this is amazing (not the record) but their musical evolution…”


    What about Ulver or Ministry, douchebag ?

  79. disco polo - jedna rodzina says:

    Bon Jovi>Linkin Park

  80. linkinparksucks says:

    this album is like covering ur ears with shit and bleeding out from ur ass

  81. Matt says:

    I knew right from “Minutes To Midnight” that they had changed, but this is brutal. Sure, SOME songs are decent, but why the fuck is Linkin Park doing TECHNO?!

  82. AwesomeCruz says:

    With this arguements you won’t go anywhere.
    Linkin Park only wins with this whole controversy xb

  83. X says:

    Really, who believes that LP have changed their style intentionally? They just don’t know how to make music anymore. This album is fucking incomplete, tasteless. Sure, their previous albums weren’t classics, but they were good. This one’s exceptionally weak. Exceptionally.

  84. Jean Carlos says:

    Por favor si podrian subir este album…Trance Ibiza Anthems 2010 Various Artists se los agradeceria mucho gracias…de antemano
    !Esta web es lo maximo!

  85. deepfry says:

    it’s just dumb fucking stupid shit.

  86. Alan says:

    They’re trying to do what Trent Reznor already did 20 years ago. Sucky.

  87. 7-years-old kid says:

    i listened to all 5 albums in a row (this new album, hybrid theory, reanimation, meteora, minutes to midnight) and i imagined that, if all their albums is experimental, then i couldn’t wait for the “result”…keep up the good work LP!

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