Mick Boogie and Terry Urban Present – Viva La Hova (2010)

Artist: Mick Boogie and Terry Urban Present

Album: Viva La Hova

Released: 2010

Style: Rap

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 116 Mb

01 – Intro produced by Mick Boogie Terry Urban
02 – One Ruler produced by Max Tannone
03 – Public Speeding produced by Cookin Soul
04 – Know My Place produced by The Amps
05 – Never Changing produced by nVMe
06 – Miss Trouble produced by Judah
07 – Back At My Place produced by Remot
08 – Lucifer And Friends produced by CJ Luzi
09 – A Spy s Prayer produced by nVMe
10 – Science Is Ignorant produced by Gooch
11 – The Reverse Fix produced by Mick Boogie nVMe
12 – Hola Blanco produced by Garbs Infinite
13 – Take The Hill produced by nVMe
14 – Lost Part 2 remixed by Mick Boogie
15 – Cold Success produced by 9th Wonder
16 – No Love Coming Home produced by The Kickdrums
17 – Falling In Shadows produced by 6th Sense
18 – Life of Clocks produced by Terry Urban
19 – X-Y-Z produced by Hasan Insane


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2 Responses to Mick Boogie and Terry Urban Present – Viva La Hova (2010)

  1. elcuervo says:

    Coldplay and Jay-Z??

  2. Slim Fox says:


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