Lil Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being (2010)

Artist: Lil Wayne

Album: I Am Not A Human Being

Released: 2010

Style: Rap

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 97 Mb

01 – Gonorrhea
02 – Hold Up
03 – With You
04 – I Am Not a Human Being
05 – I’m Single
06 – What’s Wrong With Them
07 – Right Above It
08 – Popular
09 – That Ain’t Me
10 – Bill Gates


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36 Responses to Lil Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being (2010)

  1. db says:

    “I am not a human being” I agree with the album title, he resembles more a monkey than a human.

  2. Radioheadfan says:

    Lol at the comment

  3. Richard Perret says:

    ” db ” what’s your fuckin’ problem stupid racist bastard ??!!

  4. niels says:

    i dont think it was racial.. i think lil waynes a lil monkey just becuz he fuks hiphop up :)

  5. 0rko says:

    Wow, db. Super classy. Do they all look the same too? Do you consider them three-fifths of a human being? You’re a tool.

  6. bigtazzsmoke says:

    Sounds like u guys r the racist bastards keep it up Lil Wayne, and what’s up with the Vob file no mp3 format Lol

  7. Rational says:

    Less of a monkey more of a over medicated negro

  8. Monkey says:

    Yeah, i agree he is more like a monkey, not in a racist way. By terms that he sucks at rap, and he is basic compared to real artists. His brain capacity is half of what a normal rapper has.

    Want to listen to some good rap, check out Vinnie Paz, Army of the Pharaohs, Reef the Lost Cauze, twiztid, and some Tech N9ne

  9. ZarathustrA says:

    Richard, funny, you’re the only one who made it about race.


  10. flintlock says:

    putting everything aside, when you just get down to it…. this guys sucks. he’s such a pussy.

  11. lil Wayne says:

    wtf? just cause im black i have to be a monkey?!? ur jist dipresed cus u cant rap lyke me!!

  12. Tredz says:

    The EP/LP whatever the fuck it is……… SUCK! I’m a young money die heart fan ,no homo, but this one here sucks. I only feel 1 track, Right above it, the rest is crap…..n whats with weezy and drake singing/rapping ’bout STDs? LMFAO ……

  13. db says:

    Oh come on guys it was just a joke. Sorry if I offended someone with the joke. Still, I think he’s a really bad rapper and the album name is pretty stupid.

    @0rko: If I make a joke about lil wayne does that mean the joke is intented to all black people?

  14. wang says:

    lil wayne is becoming a walking talking minstrel show, and really doesn’t do much in terms of black empowerment besides giving every teenage girl a LITERAL whore like nikki menaj to look up to. what does this guy do that transcends any barriers that hold back african americans? dress like a white person who thinks that he’s black? use “nigga” as the basis for half of his rhymes? if we want to talk about racism, talk about the images and values that these stars perpetuate through their music. not many rappers on the radio telling kids to stay in school, or wear condoms. (and don’t try to act like my whole argument is defunct just because you might hear the phrase “rubber” in passing, or because after a solid career of 8 albums and hundreds of mixtapes wayne bothers to bring up safe sex one time)

    And on the other side of the coin, there is no doubt that wayne is a GOOD rapper. i think it’s just important that people admit that he is a STYLIZED rapper. if your hip hop roots lie in something like native tongues posse, wayne’s southern drawl and n.o. vibes might not be your cup of tea.

    look, he does look like a fucking monkey. if he had the exact same bone structure and hair, but with white skin, i don’t think that would change the fact that he DOES LOOK LIKE A FUCKING MONKEY.

  15. S says:

    wang, perfect response.

  16. Steve says:

    All these comments about being racist, I just want to know should I download the album? Is it any good?

  17. D-Royal says:

    Album is ‘alright’ and thats saying alotcoming from what Wayne’s been doing. It’s still the typical mainstream stuff, a banging beat and lyrics about nothing with the word bitches,niggas, and fuck thrown around after every other word. It’s okay unless your really looking for something that you can really meditate on, if you’re a die-hard Weezy fan you’ll like it.

  18. mjistheway says:

    I wouldn’t call it good but its entertaining. Weezy is the only one that can rhyme while mentioning 2 girls 1 cup and tampons in the same song lol

  19. dj jackass says:

    gotta make some $ for when he gets out of the pokie, thug ass criminal

  20. vesuvius says:

    he’s the black vanilla ice – stupid commercial crap

  21. dj hootay says:

    nO tALeNt BoZZ0

  22. wang says:

    no this shit sucks

  23. JD says:


  24. Chinese Connection says:

    with all these useless arguments, nobody’s thanking the uploader for his/her work? GREAT.

    also, there’s 3 bonus tracks. #11 YM Banger #12 YM Salute #13 Untitled

    this is m4a format, not mp3 by the way. still good tho.

  25. Serial X says:

    “11. lil Wayne Said,

    wtf? just cause im black i have to be a monkey?!? ur jist dipresed cus u cant rap lyke me!!

    Posted on September 28th, 2010 at 4:40 am”


    Not only can you not rap but you also fucking suck ass at grammar.

  26. fag says:

    Yall niggaz postin in a troll release

  27. SmilesAlot says:

    Little wain doesn’t afraid of anything.

  28. cody says:

    Love this Album

  29. Richie pee says:

    yo on the real this shit is some bullshit. what they call hip hop is now alternative music i don’t know who told these bomb ass niggas that is music just because you are famous and say some dumb shit on a mic don’t make it music… Pouring syrup on shit don’t make it pancakes…..

  30. YSS says:

    lil wayne is one of the best rapper & still … kan hna

  31. lil alfredo says:

    auto tune !! AUUUTO TUNE

  32. Khan says:

    For anyone who thinks Lil Wayne is on the worst end of the Hip Hop spectrum, Shad is your antithesis. Check it:

    Listen to a bunch of his songs; you won’t be disappointed. This is what Hip Hop needs, now more than ever.

  33. Ffs says:

    This Album is a publicity stunt.
    All the verses are old…and some of them have already been used.
    Its just to make extra money.
    Maybe one song worth listening to.

  34. realist says:

    its funny… how even tho he does look like a monkey he is still making more money than you could ever dream of making… and getting alot more sex than you

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