Soundgarden – Telephantasm (2010)

Artist: Soundgarden

Album: Telephantasm

Released: 2010

Style: Alt Rock

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 119+141 Mb

01 – All Your Lies
02 – Hunted Down
03 – Fopp
04 – Beyond The Wheel
05 – Flower (BBC Session)
06 – Hands All Over
07 – Big Dumb Sex
08 – Get On The Snake (Live)
09 – Room A Thousand Years Wide (Single Version)
10 – Rusty Cage
11 – Outshined
12 – Slaves & Bulldozers

01 – Jesus Christ Pose (Live)
02 – Birth Ritual
03 – My Wave
04 – Superunknown
05 – Spoonman
06 – Black Hole Sun
07 – Fell on black Days (Video Version)
08 – Burden in my Hand
09 – Dusty
10 – Pretty Noose (Live on SNI.)
11 – Blow up the outside World (MTV Live ‘N’ Loud)
12 – Black Rain



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5 Responses to Soundgarden – Telephantasm (2010)

  1. Fragile Mind says:

    Amazing Fuckin Band,thankyou for getting back together.

  2. Boobs says:

    Black Rain is an instant classic, can’t believe they left this off the badmotorfinger album. Glad it’s been finished and released, it’s the only good piece of music I’ve heard so far this year.

    However, I’m not looking forward to any new material that Soundgarden puts out, it’s almost certainly going to be a huge FAIL. These guys don’t have to produce anything mind blowing anyway, the hype alone will earn them millions. They could fart in the microphone and bang a kettle with a wooden spoon and people will buy it. Chris’s voice is completely fucked and his song writing ability took a huge nosedive when he became sober and happy. The only way we are going to hear great new Soundgarden material is if Chris gets divorced, hits the bottle again and manages to rest his voice long enough to hit the high notes……..and that’s not exactly going to happen. These guys have had their day, they were legends and telephantasm proves that. The world of rock needs a serious kick in the ass, we need someone new and original, and we need producers who know how to wrap things in a dirty cloth, rather than shiny plastic!!

  3. khun ross says:

    Great double!!! Many thanks.

  4. col says:


  5. mailson says:

    great band!!!!!!!!!

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