[Archive] Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown (2010)

Artist: Kings Of Leon

Album: Come Around Sundown

Released: 2010

Style: Alt Rock

Format: MP3 169Kbps

Size: 61 Mb

01 – The End
02 – Radioactive
03 – Pyro
04 – Mary
05 – The Face
06 – The Immortals
07 – Back Down South
08 – Beach Side
09 – No Money
10 – Pony Up
11 – Birthday
12 – Mi Amigo
13 – Pickup Truck


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41 Responses to [Archive] Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown (2010)

  1. gaz says:

    Sounds superb

  2. muqq says:

    i love you!

  3. Chinese Connection says:

    Thank you!

  4. Dee Bianchetti says:

    Thank you.. Hope the Deluxe edition is coming soon! :)

  5. Topek uncu says:

    Yeah. I like this

  6. stargazer31 says:

    yeah amazing sound & song Kings of Leons Rock the house!!

  7. i.ROCK says:

    great band

  8. Dave says:

    I just shit my pants. I’ve been checking this site with my fingers crossed for weeks in hopes that this album would be posted. I love you! You just made my day.

  9. vassemo says:

    I can’ t see anything special here. This album is good, but not great. I’ ve been excpecting more from this band. Whatever…..

  10. Maxisix says:

    what a crap!

  11. Radioheadfan says:

    Bad or good , no matter , am gonna download em for free 8D

  12. Sell outs says:

    fuck off KOL

  13. silverus says:

    top songs
    1. Pyro
    2. the Immortals
    3. the faces
    4. mary
    5. back down south
    6. the end
    7. radioative
    8. no money
    9. pickup truck
    10. beach side

    not so great: no money, poney up, birthday. for the rest, pretty good album!

  14. Nick says:

    Thanks so much..!!..

  15. bigtazzsmoke says:

    Listing to it now and I like what I’m hearing gd music they were awesome in concert these year!!! They Rocked Chicago

  16. oM says:

    don’t waste yer tyme….

  17. Crazy Train says:


  18. Tredz says:

    KOL is the shit

  19. kippari says:

    Amazing album

  20. cathal says:

    not worth buying, worth the download, too many weak songs

  21. Deea says:

    thank you so much for posting this. actually i don’t get why you all say it’s a weak album.it’s just calmer.they’re a great band,and the songs are great too.this is their style kinda.

  22. Imaginesingz says:

    This may be their weakest album.. but it has that “Because of The Times” sound and a few awesome songs. “Pyro” and “Pickup Truck” being the standouts.

  23. nightquest says:

    hello. could you upload again? the links are broken…

  24. dtpunk says:

    awesome album with a great sound…..not their weakest album and will be a huge hit for them…not a bad song on there in my view…can’t wait to buy it!

  25. rick says:

    it’s not a weak album at all – it’s their only album without any bum tracks – solid album – love it…

  26. Manü says:

    I’m a gig fan of KOL from the early days, album by album they blew my head away, but this time i still dont understand it. i’ll listen to it again and again. just to see if i’m not listening properly

  27. Imaginesingz says:

    It just feels like it’s an album I’ve heard.. It’s nothing inventive.. it’s good music.. but it’s not as different as their past albums have been.

  28. Otter says:

    Its SHITE! Theyve been around for years, and bar ‘Sex is on Fire’ which was SO overplayed on the radio it caused me to go from LOVEING them to hating them in the space of 6 months, they have NO commercial songs.
    To be honest it isnt their fault: Cock-ends who know 1 song have caused them to become this one hit wonder… and sadly its the only song they’ll be known for, no matter what they do,
    This is a semi decent album, but again, their has been ZERO radio play and zero press release for it… so again, they are another ‘radio made, one trick pony’ when in fact they are a very good band.
    Its sad, but its true, KoL, you sold out, and now you’ll suffer.
    Estimated Band fall out and break up 6/10 months: Reason for break up, band arguement over nothing: pressure will build up and they wont enjoy being known for what is frankly, a fucking SHITE song. They have essentially, everything they’ve ever done BAR that song which is better… I fucking hate that.

  29. gu says:

    so, stop listening the radio…

  30. chris says:

    come on otter, they will never split cause they are fucking relatives!
    instead of writing down all this nonsense go on listening to some other music, it’s not your problem anymore.

  31. kalle says:

    Everything since Aha Shake Heartbrake is not really good music. The only thing about them was the southern accent and the singers “crapy” but nicely mixed voice.
    Now they are just another rockband! It’s a pity!

  32. Barbwire says:

    Thank you

  33. Prodigy says:

    Hope this album is good. I love kings of leon

  34. Steve says:

    whats happened to the cover? has been moved or deleted!

  35. Vacão says:

    Terrible album. They tried to change their sound and that just didn’t work! That seems to be usual in newer bands, I wouldn’t be able to say if its a generalized lack of creativity or just the wish to fit in a more pop context, to sell more records.

  36. DC says:

    Fast download, I liked the group but this is not their best work. I think it sounds like B-Sides from Only By The Night. I enjoyed it, i just expected more.

  37. Boobs says:

    I’m with Otter. It’s shite! They are a shite band. Actually I’ve not listened to it, but I know it will be. The hype of a new album alone will earn them millions and they know that. That’s why I know they will have put out any old crap for all you fools to keep lapping up.

    Sex on Fire made them a household name and now people just make themselves listen to their back catalogue cos somehow they are suddenly cool. The rest of their music is not going to get any better just because you noticed that they did a decent job on one fucking song! Stop being spoon fed you bunch on braindead sheep!

  38. Chambers says:

    I agreewith boobs, i got to know KOL from thier previuos album Only By Night and then checked out Because Of the Times and Suddenly Aha shake heartbreak, I loved the band cos of the way they sound, its different and thats why i download everything from them, Soi dont blame them from sticking to their style. Fuck you haters.

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