In My Rosary – Retro (2010)

Artist: In My Rosary

Album: Retro

Released: 2010

Style: Darkwave

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 106 Mb

01 – Entree
02 – And This Emptiness Hurts (feat. Stan_I)
03 – Keep Away
04 – Devil’s Kiss (feat. Christian Doerge)
05 – Don’t Cut These Veins Too Soon (feat. Sara Noxx)
06 – Pills (feat. Martin v. Arndt & Tobias Birkenbeil)
07 – A Kiss To You (feat. Holger Diener)
08 – Fallow (feat. Paul Roland)
09 – Splinter
10 – She’s At Home
11 – Wild Chase
12 – A Trap (feat. Tobias Birkenbeil)
13 – Get Me (feat. Wolfgang Koch)
14 – Day Fly (feat. Marlene Wagner)


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One Response to In My Rosary – Retro (2010)

  1. Rafael says:

    This album is awesome! I’ve downloaded it just for nothing and became surprised with the quality of the song. I didn’t knew the genre darkwave and now i’m addicted.

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