Mortiis – Perfectly Defect (2010)

Artist: Mortiis

Album: Perfectly Defect

Released: 2010

Style: Industrial Rock

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 90 Mb

01 – Closer to the end
02 – Perfectly Defect
03 – Sensation of Guilt
04 – Sole Defeat
05 – Thieving Bastards
06 – Halo of Arms
07 – Impossible to Believe
08 – This Absolution


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3 Responses to Mortiis – Perfectly Defect (2010)

  1. HD says:

    Thank You!
    I’d like more voice parts…

  2. Angizia says:

    Bad, easy listening Electro Pop.
    The Crypt of the Wizard (1996) was the last good album.

    Dark Dungeon Music 4ever!

  3. HD says:

    Mortiis said this is an album made with some song of “The Great Deceiver” that couldn’t be add in that album and this will be released FREE on 10.10.2010.I’ll expect TGD album

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