Alter Bridge – AB III (2010)

Artist: Alter Bridge

Album: AB III

Released: 2010

Style: Alt Rock

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 147 Mb

01 – Slip To The Void
02 – Isolation
03 – Ghost Of Days Gone By
04 – All Hope Is Gone
05 – Still Remains
06 – Make It Right
07 – Wonderful Life
08 – I Know It Hurts
09 – Show Me A Sign
10 – Fallout
11 – Breathe Again
12 – Coeur D’Alene
13 – Life Must Go On
14 – Words Darker Than Their Wings


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8 Responses to Alter Bridge – AB III (2010)

  1. Boobs says:

    Very disappointing, Isolation is the only decent track.

  2. THE BRIDGE says:

    I’m not concording with you this album is very important for metal kids

  3. Leonardo says:

    I don’t think like you Boobs oГ”

  4. Miqsh says:

    the lyrics are absolute gems .. which is what keeps this band respectable!

  5. opus13th says:

    probably one of the best album this year….

  6. r0ckstar007 says:

    great album and i agree wid “opus13th”

  7. Inmortellex says:

    Very Good…
    Good Job Of AB!!!!
    But This File Don`t Save In Hotfile…

  8. stormbringer says:

    This is album is absolutely stunning from start to finish with rather dark theme. The only average is “All Hope Is Gone”. Personally, this is on top on 2010 hard rock albums list. Kennedy and Tremonti shared a great job on composing as well as on guitar-works, other guys did a great job as well. Give it repeated listens otherwise u won’t be able to appreciate it. This ain’t radio-friendly thing.

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