Meat Beat Manifesto – Answers Come In Dreams (2010)

Artist: Meat Beat Manifesto

Album: Answers Come In Dreams

Released: 2010

Style: Electronic

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 163 Mb

01 – Luminol
02 – Mnemonic
03 – M.Y.C
04 – Let Me Set
05 – # Zero
06 – Quietus
07 – Token Words
08 – Waterphone
09 – 010130
10 – Zenta!
11 – Please
12 – Chimie Du Son


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One Response to Meat Beat Manifesto – Answers Come In Dreams (2010)

  1. Poets says:

    There’s still the daunting ‘dark’ presence like their earlier music.. but fans may not rank it as a brilliant album.. a little repeatitive.. although thats not a fair point to raise. Definitely a ‘dubstep’ album.

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