Queensryche – American Soldier (2009)

Artist: Queensryche

Album: American Soldier

Year: 2009

Style: Heavy Metal

Format: MP3 VBR

Size: 121 MB

1. Silver
2. Unafraid
3. Hundred Mile Stare
4. At 30,000 Ft
5. A Dead Man’s Words
6. The Killer
7. Middle Of Hell
8. If I Were King
9. Man Down!
10. Remember Me
11. Home Again
12. The Voice

SHARINGMATRIX: Part 1 | Part 2

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2 Responses to Queensryche – American Soldier (2009)

  1. I love your website and i come often here to see what new album is release, it’s great ! Unfortunately the links for download Queensryche are all dead, please could you upload them ? Thanks you ! Friendly yours.

  2. Thanks for the re-upload ! Great Job ! Friendly Yours.

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