Silicone Soul – Silicone Soul (2009)

Artist: Silicone Soul

Album: Silicone Soul

Released: 2009

Style: House

Format: MP3 VBR

Size: 79 Mb

01 – koko’s song
02 – dust ballad ii
03 – language of the soul
04 – call of the dub
05 – david vincent’s blues
06 – hurt people hurt people
07 – the pulse
08 – midnite man
09 – seasons of weird
10 – dogs of les ilhes


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One Response to Silicone Soul – Silicone Soul (2009)

  1. iVicissitude says:

    I never heard of SS let alone knew that they were on Soma Records, but good thing I decided to take a shot and download these guys (DJ & production duo Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie) because this album is phenomenal. Containing barely any vocals, the music is soothing and relaxing yet funky at times. And I didn’t care for all of one track, track 5, but the rest are incredibly dope and would work well inserted into any DJ’s afterhours set.

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