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We keep no files in our server. All the files exist in hosting web sites. We just publish the links. Even if we stop publishing the links, it is impossible for you to prevent them on the internet.
If you don’t want us to publish the links of your bands, please let us know by sending an e-mail and it will be omitted from our Web-Site. Please use the original e-mail address of your company when sending the e-mail.

Feel free to contact us anytime. We appreciate any and all feedback about this web site.

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563 Responses to Contact Us

  1. biglog says:

    I have downloaded Robert Plant and Band Of Joy Album: Live at Memphis
    but it’s showing as an unknown file type and cannot be opened. Any ideas on what the problem could be please?

  2. cope says:

    how can i download? thx.

  3. cope says:

    u can delete the comment! ;-)

  4. says:

    Download links available on the bottom of each page.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your efforts. We love your website. It has introduced us to many bands. However, is possibly the worst filehosting service there is. It lies to downloaders: it has advertisement that ask customers to “create profile in and you’ll receive automatic free premium account,” which is false. Sometimes makes them wait and the link to download don’t appear. It is painfully slow (not that I am ungrateful for your postings).

    Compared with other blogs, your webpage is far superior, thanks to the organization and classification of albums. However, is hurting your postings.

    The best filehosting service is probably It allows users to download up to 4 files at the same time. It is fast too. I think it allows for uploads bigger than 100 MBs. Please consider giving it a try…

    With Appreciation,


  6. says:

    Thank you for contacting me! It’s so pleasure to see such a great comments here!

    First of all i should say that is the only filehosting which can give me as much free space on their servers and the second (the most important) thing – they are going to keep my files forever! Third – they don’t delete abused files every 30 minutes – like big filehosters do. And the last – i can pay for domain name, site hosting and some software with money i get from them. ;]
    I’ve heard that have some problems with free users. But there is all right with premium members – you get instant access to download links without any waiting timer and you can download so many files as you want at the same time.
    I’ll advice you to buy a premium accounts and you’ll able to get all New Album Releases without any problems!

    Thank you one more time!

  7. fians4k says:

    Man, I really love this blog. Great design, great albums, great everything. The only thing I don’t digg too much is the filehosting system. I’m from Argentina and I have massive problems with it. It keeps downloading corrupted files because the download cuts for moments.

    It would be awesome if you could do another mirror of the file, no matter if it gets deleted after 30 days. I suggest Rapidshare or HotFile (, both work great. But I repeat, do not stop using, just do another mirror.

    That’s it. Grat stuff you post here!!! Congratulations!

  8. says:

    fians4k, thank you for this words.
    it’s really very important to keep all links alive – it’s a lot of people who thanks me for posts i’ve made months ago – i try to check all links every day but i don’t have much time to do it for two filehostings. on other side, i always do a mirror for album if someone will ask about it in comments (or e-mail, or ICQ).
    as i wrote earlier, have some problems with free downloads.. but it works perfect for premium users – buy premium account for one day and you will see. ;]

  9. uhur says:

    Great Design :)
    Great Site
    Sometimes, when my links down , im stealing ur links hehe i hope u don’t mind. :)
    Keep up the blogging spirit alive, pal!

  10. says:

    You are welcome, uhur! ;]

  11. seim says:

    Wowww …

    This is the BEST WEBSITE for music lovers. very nice design (color, graphic & fonts) easy to read and comfortable for an eyes, also good Categorize to searching any stuff.
    I really love your site.

    But excuse for one question.
    I saw ‘rapidshare downloads’ on your sub-title (top of the page) but I can’t find a Rapidshare link or anything.
    Is there any chance for a Rapidshare link?

    Thx for your hard work in this great sharing !!

  12. says:

    I use this word for search engines.
    Main reason i don’t like rapidshare – is that they delete files really too fast. And i need to upload files 24\7 if i would like too keep all links alive. Anyway i can send you rapidshare link if you contact me via e-mail. ;]

  13. Unknown says:

    Hey there.
    Don’t suppose you could upload Killswitch Engage’s new self-titled album ASAP?

  14. says:

    of course! i’m really waiting for this release too.

  15. Unknown says:

    Awsome. I look forward to it.
    Keep up the good work, this is officially the greatest website around.
    Many thanks.

  16. Cherryblossomz says:

    Thanks a lot for the super cool site.
    I wish you a great success for everything in your life
    and dont forget to keep up the good work!!!

  17. someone says:

    Absolutely love the site. Little request, the new Matisyahu CD, Light, would be amazing!

  18. says:

    as soon as possible. ;]

  19. benno says:

    your site is really awesome!
    check it regularly :) … good job man

  20. mac masum says:

    Thanks For All album

    Your Site Going To Big Hit All Over the World

    We need a big community For this site : plz make register option then we can make a big share

  21. AstarLoser says:

    hey does any one know where to find the Tila Tequila – Sex album i searched her on but it just comes up with her modeling and s*x videos, im not complaining about them but still i would love to have her album :)


  22. Betty says:

    I love this blog!

    It would be the best if you use Mediafire ( to store the files.
    It’s free,unlimited download, no block for all countries, keep your files forever, visitors can use download tool program to download files, and much more
    Please consider this.

    Thank you

  23. says:

    2 mac masum:
    thanks. actually i’m not going to make an registration for all – i m sure it will destroy site. of course if you think that you can help this site to grow – write me on email and we’ll discuss it.

    2 AstarLoser:

    2 Betty:
    i’ve explained the reasons why i use filehostings earlier on this page about three times. ;]

  24. Peelie says:


    Fantastic site,really great.I?m new here but I want to ask you only the one question.Is it safe? I mean viruses.Bacause I have bad experience with music blogs.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  25. says:

    hi Peelie!
    Of course you can feel safe here. Actually there is no viruses because all posts are moderated manually and there is no criminal js-scripts!
    i’m too drunk right now for good answear but you can contact me by email anytime if you have questions about NAR!

  26. Peelie says:


    I would like to hear critically acclaimed album by Swedish doo JJ. Especially by Pitchfork..

  27. john says:

    i would like to see the resistance by muse please :D
    excellent site btw cheers

  28. says:

    hey john!
    of course resistance will be on the first page as soon as possible!

  29. cristian says:

    congratulation 4 your web..!!!!
    he bajado muchos discos saludos desde chile…!!..

  30. hi i’m from a Argentine band call //Giles del Interior// i whant to kno if we can leave our new album in your site so people can get it for free ..

  31. says:

    2Giles del Interior:
    email me.

  32. dancingqueer says:

    could you please upload rye rye’s debut album? i’ts called “Go! Pop! Bang!” thanks a lot!

  33. Tracey says:

    I’ll be looking forward to the “The XX” album leak. I hope you manage to upload it soon.

  34. says:

    Tracey: ok!

  35. Dave says:

    Hi. I first want to thank you for creating and professionally maintaining / updating this incredible site. It is an outstanding recourse for me. There are two albums that I am dying to see uploaded here. The first is Imogen Heap’s new upcoming album called Ellipse, and the other is David Gray’s new upcoming album called Draw The Line. I couldn’t thank you enough!

  36. Peelie says:

    I would like to hear Sian Alice Group – Troubled, Shaken etc album.

  37. Dave says:

    Rodrigo y Gabriela’s new album sounds really incredible. Hope to see it here. It’s called 11:11. Thanks again.

  38. Mr. Knister says:

    no need to tell you what a musicwhore i am and how much i love and use this site.
    i just want advice you, that i would be reeeeaally nice, if you add some more descriptions, next to the lp. this would be very useful for everyone, because there is so much good music i dont know… so i dont pay attention… so i dont download… so i miss it. thats sad.

    i know that you know much about music, and that you are always informed…
    so maybe just add something in your description like: “sounds like / similar to / a mix out of: animal collective, hot chip and grizzly bear” …and you will see, that much more people download your stuff.

    ok… at least you should specify your “genre” more exactly. because “indie rock” can be everything today. :-D

  39. Mr. Knister says:

    oh… and the release date should be more precise…
    thats all…

    excuse my writing-mistakes. i am from germany.

  40. says:

    The mission os this site is to help people to search and download albums of their favourite bands. Even if they didnt’ know about release. ;] So the genres are very approximate (as they always are).
    I’m not going to do an music encyclopedia right now. But i’ll think about your offers.

  41. John says:

    Fist of all thanks for your fantastic website.
    All your postings are great, but it was much nicer with
    Depositefiles and qubefiles are crap when it comes to free download. It’s slow and does not always work. There are a lot better hosts out there than these two.

    How about more diversity? Mediafire, megaupload, megashares …


  42. says:

    I use depositfiles (previously – uploading) because of reasons i’ve explainded earlier on this page.
    If uploading com allow me to upload my files i will continue to upload it, but i dont think they are going to do it.

  43. Peelie says:

    Hotfile is the best.

  44. Peelie says:

    I would like to hear album See the mystery lights from Yacht.

  45. john says:

    great site!!
    i hope the reistance come soon
    thank you very much :D

  46. Robert says:

    can you upload the last dying fetus , despiced icon shadows fall the black dahlia murder albums thank , Robert

  47. Stefan says:

    Hi, perfect site! I see that everyone is requesting, but it doesn’t matter, just upload those perfect files somewhere. The only difference is that we’ll maybe download those files for 10 or 20 minutes, but that isn’t important.
    Can you add something where we’ll vote for rating of those albums (I mean 1-5) when we’re leaving comments? I know that I can write that, but it isn’t so good way. I think that you can’t but I must ask you that.

  48. says:

    hi stefan.
    good idea!

  49. Brandon says:

    If you could get your hands on the new Rammstein album, I would be more in love than I am now!

  50. Aaron says:

    love this site… thank you for your effort

  51. Robert says:

    thanks for the last shadows fall album & children of bodom

  52. Peelie says:

    I would like to hear new Dawn Landes album.It?s called Sweet Heart Rodeo. MOJO – 4 stars.

  53. camp says:

    is there a reason why my comment got deleted? did i say something bad?

  54. says:

    i believe no.
    probably your message has some urls and it has been deleted automatically.

  55. Sousa says:

    Can you please post Repeater album Iron Flowers. Thanx.

  56. katy says:

    please upload the last threat signal album or despised icon

  57. says:


    2katy: they will appear on right after leak or release.

  58. Sousa says:

    Thank you for the post

  59. DjYou says:

    when is Kid Cudi his new album coming on the site
    Thank you…

  60. dejohn says:

    hey, is it possible to get a band called “god help the girl” or some guy called “mayer hawthorne”?? i haven’t been able to find them anywhere, not even in my local record stores.

  61. KeyMan says:

    Hey man! as with everyone else, loving this site. just wondering whether the new thousand foot krutch album: welcome to the masquerade or the new paramore album be coming to the site soon? Cheers!

  62. says:

    thanks for your attention and feedbacks.

    2DjYou: as soon as possible. official release is planned for next week.
    2dejohn: yes. i’ll make posts for them today or tomorrow. check the updates.
    2KeyMan: asap man. thousand foot krutch is going to be released in a few days.

  63. Dave says:

    Wow just found this website. I’ll be spending hours here to find all the stuff I want to hear!
    There are still some releases i haven’t found yet but maybe in a couple of days/weeks?
    This site will help me find all the albums that are so hard to find in stores or on torrents!

    Keep up the good work!


  64. Sammy says:

    Okay so i have looked for tis album everywhere but i cant seem to find it.
    The band is called Short Stack, they are extremly popular here in Australia.
    there album is called ‘stack is the new black’
    it would be SO good if you could upload it
    it would be so appreciated!

  65. says:

    hi sammy.
    i’ll post Short Stack today or tomorrow.

  66. Dave says:

    I’m not sure what’s wrong but I tried to download 3 different albums and none of them worked.

    First I tried Jay Brannan but that download froze after 34% so I cancelled it. Then I downloaded Absynthe Minded, when it finished I coulden’t find the files anywhere on my pc. Now I downloaded Megadeath , when I opened the RAR files It says there were unexpected errors.

    What the hell is wrong in those cases???

  67. Sammy says:


  68. says:

    hi dave. what links are you using to download? if you have problem with one file hosting – you can try another one. thats why i do a few mirrors of the same files.

  69. Dave says:

    Well for the Megadeath album I used the depositfiles link. Part 1 shows me only 3 mp3′s while part 2 only 1 mp3 so that means there are at least 6 mp3′s missing…
    I also tried the mirrors but they show me the same results.

    I have to log in on the last link but I haven’t registered there so I haven’t used it yet.

    PS I recently succeeded for Jay Brannan, it might have something to do with my PC as a download shoulden’t freeze normally…

  70. Chris says:

    Hurry up with Ace Frehley’s ‘Anomaly’ !!..and great site,thx for all the great stuff!

  71. says:

    hi chris.
    you can be sure that we wont miss ace’s album. we’re waiting for it and of course “sonic boom” too. ;]

  72. Adam says:

    could you put here Paper Route – Absence

  73. says:

    hi Adam!
    You can download it here – Paper Route – Absence (2009)

  74. Twonga says:

    ite doggg. biggg up me fam back in soth jamaica. i is bin lookin at dis website for time. i ent happy. dat for a fact u ent got no terms and conditions. me is had a fallen out wid da bitch and she broke me tellly. now i want u to show me some terms and conditions and send me a new telly. piece out

  75. Twonga says:

    me cant watch me teletubies now

  76. Justin24 says:

    Looking for Advent’s new album, “Naked And Cold”. Came out earlier this week and I can’t find it anywhere, great thrash/metal band from Solid State Records.

  77. aet says:

    Hi! Could you post Anderson’s It Runs in the Family album? Thanks in advance.

  78. says:

    2Justin24: check updates later.
    2aet: i’ll try to find it asap.

  79. Adam says:

    thnx a lot for Paper what about Feeder – Silent Cry ?

  80. says:

    old releases are very easy to find even with google
    Feeder – Silent Cry

  81. muzykoholiczna says:

    Hey can you upload Paramore – Brand new eyes?
    I love this site:)

  82. says:

    of course. asap.

  83. muzykoholiczna says:

    thank you very very much:D

  84. Justin24 says:

    thanks man, you guys are the only ones who have Advent as far as i’ve seen. great work.

  85. serj says:

    this is awesome..but where do u get all these albums for …

  86. Justin24 says:

    Now im trying to see if you can get Dead By Sunrise, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington’s solo project…Haven’t found it anywhere yet, but it’s got like another few weeks before release…

  87. says:

    2serj: we just love music. ;]
    2Justin24: its not available right now but you can be sure that we won’t miss it.

  88. meboy says:

    can you please post the album “O My Heart” by the band “Mother Mother”

    i can’t find it anywhere :( ((


  89. says:
  90. meboy says:

    thanks so much! :)

  91. Justin24 says:

    Btw, I think it’d be a good idea if you set up a Twitter, and updated it each time you put up a new post…works like an RSS feed. I’d be interested in following so I don’t have to keep checking the site to see what’s new, I can just see it on Twitter. :)

  92. says:

    we’re working on it.

  93. macky says:

    superbe site, bonne continuation, un fan francais :-)

  94. rich says:

    great job–please post new breaking benjamin-dear agony album

  95. Mallory says:

    Hey is there any way you could find Mad Rad White Gold? I can not find that album anywhere. Good site!

  96. blackseed says:

    postem right out of the new album WOLFMOTHER and THEM CROOKED VULTURES !!!!!!

  97. Peelie says:

    I would like to hear new album Tarot Sport by Fuck Buttons.

  98. says:

    2rich: we’ll post it asap. btw you can download “dear agony” album sampler here
    2Mallory: i’ll do my best to find it.
    2blackseed: of course it will appear on this site asap.
    2Peelie: we’ll post it today or tomorrow.

  99. Sammy says:

    Can you please post the ‘Fame’ soundtrack (the new one duur)

  100. Justin24 says:

    Was wondering if you were planning on putting up David Crowder’s new album…

  101. Drew says:

    I found a leak of AFI’s “Crash Love” posted by you guys on the internet, but I can’t seem to find it on your site. The leak was just 30 second clips of every song. Can you post the full thing please?

  102. Justin24 says:

    nvm with the Crowder album…it’s leaked plenty of other places. Cant wait to see what else you get up here! Thanks for your work!

  103. Justin24 says:

    it’s been a crazy release day! Think you’ll be getting KJ-52′s new album Five Two Television up?

  104. says:

    2Sammy: we dont post soundtrack but i’ll send you a link if we’ll find it.
    2Drew: here it is! check the main page!
    2Justin24: tnx 4 yr feedback! of course kj-52 will be posted in a few days!

  105. Stevie says:

    I found this site couple of days ago.. amazing and great site!!

    Im also searching for that KJ-52.. will check on the daily.. just like everyday lol
    i also saw someone was searching for ‘it runs in the family” by Anderson.. im also looking for that one… does someone maybe have it??

    anyway.. thanks for the site and all the downloads (ofcourse also if you cant/dont post the albums i just talked about)

    Keep up the good work!!

  106. Mallory says:

    Also if you could find Fresh Espresso Glamour…thanx;-) Any luck on the Mad Rad :~)) Great Site!!!!!

  107. Stevie says:

    dont know if i can post a link of an other site here…
    but i saw five-two television was up there so i thought i share it with you guys..

  108. Rwina-yss says:

    hi i just spend 3 hours tryin’ to find the new single of Taryn Manning “So Talented”, i can’t find it pleaaaase help :s :s

  109. Matt says:

    This site is AMAZING!!!!! I ALWAYS turn to this site for the newest albums. It’s great!!!! Keep it up!

  110. Adam says:

    I’m looking for Evermore – Truth of the World: Welcome to the Show
    can you help me as always :)

  111. says:

    2Rwina-yss: hey! its on her myspace!
    2Adam: just use the search.

  112. condor says:

    Hi , I’m looking for Chad Smith’s new album “Meet the meatbats”.Can you help me with that. Btw. Thanks for your efforts.This is a great website.

  113. meboy says:

    do you have Dragonette`s new album called “Fixin to Thrill”


  114. says:

    condor & meboy: check tomorrow updates guys!

  115. wat een mooien site ik heb het album van tiesto
    gedaunload ga zo door

  116. blackseed says:

    hey, up the new album of Wolfmother – COSMIC EGG!!!!

  117. Matt says:


    Not to be mean or impatient or anything, but do you know when you guys are getting Creed’s new album, “Full Circle”? I just can’t wait for that album! I’m so excited!


  118. says:

    2Matt: hi. you can be sure that we’ll find it as soon as possible. creed’s album is one ofe the most important releases of month. and im waiting for it too.
    it can leak anyday now but i think it will be closer to release date.

  119. Matt says:

    Thank you!

  120. Mark says:

    Hey, post the new album “Cosmic Egg” of Wolfmother, this is so be epic, i need this.

  121. CH_F says:

    yeah!!! Wiiiiii!! i LOVe!!! amazing page!! bands.. music!!! extremely goooddd!!! thanks for give up!! XP!!

    greetings mexico city!!! :D

    see YOu visited!!


  122. says:

    2Mark: asap
    2CH_F: you r welcome!

  123. Oliver says:


    and thanks for this great site. I love it.
    I have a question. I am bit afraid of copyrights, authorities. Is this safe to download? My wife tells me I doing something wrong. What do you advise?


  124. says:

    thats very simple. if you are afraid of copyrights – buy cd. ;]

  125. Rocketman says:

    Hi, I downloaded an album and it’s time length is edited to 1000+ minutes per song so I can’t burn it on a CD. Also I can’t edit it back to normal time length because its locked or something.
    You guys purposly do this or something? i’m just curious to why.


  126. says:

    what album are you talking about? we will check it.

  127. Rocketman says:

    Omar rodriguez lopez – xenophanes
    Omar rodriguez lopez – Los suenos de un higado

    thanks for the help

  128. Tom says:

    Do u know when the new Creed album “Full Circle” is gonna be coming?

  129. Justin24 says:

    Looking for a christian band called Future Of Forestry, they recently put out two out of three EPs. They’re called Travel, Travel 2, Travel 3. The first two are out. I can’t find the first one. If you can find it, please let me know!

  130. says:

    nobody knows when something is going to leak.
    check this stuff

  131. Justin24 says:

    Sweet, thanks got it.
    New tooth and nail band QueensClub, came out with an EP called Nightmarer…can’t find it ANYWHERE!

  132. Sean says:

    It’s been a while since something has been updated. For like the past 3 weeks I’ve seen nothing but the W.A.S.P. Babylon thing. When will “Full Circle” be on there?!

  133. says:

    oh. this is really hard band to find. i’ll let you know if i’ll see it.
    hey man. if you think that we have time machine and keep all future records in cd case you are wrong!

  134. Elad says:

    first of all, for sure – l LOVED your site.. very good stuff and order.
    but – i hve only discovered on this site about 4-5 days ago, and i have allready got to download ALL of the contect that is relevant for me..(i LOVE Shoegaze – and i have found only about 3-4 albums of this style on the site), i also like electronic – and i got most of them too.. and that is is.. i don’t like Pop, or Jazz/Blues, so.. the site is “done” for me.. :(

    the “daily updaye” isn’t “really” working isn’t it? i mean, each day i come in – i see the same albums., can’t see any new ones. at least not in the Styles mentioned above..

    so.. what do you have to say? can you help me? or maybe help me with where can i find some more Shoegaze stuff..

    thanks a lot!

  135. says:

    hi Elad
    main idea of this site is to inform people about new release of their favourite artists. we don’t try to discover a new bands or searching for underground bands. so you can be sure that you find creed or robbie willams new album here as soon as possible but there are a lot of another sites that can help you to find shoegaze or ambient.

    and by the way we work hard to make daily update interesting. check “archive” section – more than 100 new releases has been added this week (wasp, sting, everclear, joe perry..). did you check “indie” section? there are not too many updates last week (about 9-10) but we sure that quantity is not so important as quality. ;]

  136. Anonymous says:


    I enjoy your web site and everything. I like it a lot, and I have gotten every album I wanted…except one. It is my understanding that Creed’s new album “Full Circle” is exactly 2 weeks away, and I was just wondering if you have that leaked yet. Sorry if I’m pushing it or making you impatient, because I am really excited for this album.

    Thanks in advance.

  137. Dave says:

    Hey. I have told you before but I can’t say it enough… This site is awesome.
    The band ‘Beaten Awake’ just came out with a new release called Thunder$troke. It’s really good. Just thought I’d let you know if you want to post it on here.

  138. MixItUp says:

    Fantastic website! May I make a suggestion to separate Indie music from Country music.
    Seems country music is posted in the Indie genre and the two are very different.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  139. MixItUp says:

    Sorry- I misspoke. I meant that the country music is merged with the folk. Years back that would have been the thing to do but since Folk and Indie Folk music is very popular right now and very different from country, I thought it would be great not to have them merged together.
    Just a suggestion, absolutely love your website.

  140. m. h. roesyiedh says:

    Hey, thank post new album releases. And please make facebook because eazy to see it. thank again.

  141. Sammy says:

    can you please
    post the album by School Boy Humor?


  142. Joshua says:

    I love this website and I speak for everyone when I say we GREATLY appreciate hunting down these files for us and uploading them. I’m sure it must be a pain. =)

    I just had a quick question, however. Is there a forum or anything that we can give our requests?

  143. says:

    2Anonymous: creed will be avaliabe foe download asap.
    2Dave: it looks a bit underground ;]
    2MixItUp: tnx for opinion. we’ll think about it.
    2m. h. roesyiedh: we dont like facebook. we have rss and twitter.
    2Joshua: people usually leave requests here but we’ll do a separate page soon.

  144. Juggalo Petti says:

    i love this site but i cant find that cd anywhere lol so i was wondering if the new kottonmouth cd was going to be published here?

  145. Santojob says:

    Many Thanks for this nice website.
    I search the new Hauntario of The Wheat Pool. Is a Great Album
    Thanks Friends for ur time and work

  146. Matt says:

    I saw on WikiPedia that the new Creed “Full Circle” album was leaked yesterday (October 18). Do you have access to that yet?

  147. says:

    2Juggalo Petti: check tomorrow updates. thanks.
    2Santojob: actually i dont even know who is it.
    2Matt: it’s a bullshit. i’ve seen three or four fakes last month. just one of them was “leaked” yesterday.
    by the way, most famous creed fake is a nice band i have never heard before – check it

  148. Matt says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen A LOT of those too. I just checked Wikipedia a few seconds ago, and that statement about the album was removed. I’m guessing it was just some stupid person trying to be cool. They can go to Hell.

    NewAlbumReleases rocks!

  149. tommi says:

    Anna Abreu – Just a Pretty Face? (2009) album And Agnes Pihlava – Redemption (2009) album thanks

  150. patt says:

    please… you can upload the new jason falkner..Jason Falkner – All Quiet in The Noise Floor (2009)

  151. Nathan says:

    What’s the password to unlock vv brown album?


  152. Justin24 says:

    Do you think it’d be possible to start putting some stuff up on Megaupload? I get some extremely fast speeds on there with my connection that none of the other sites can match…

  153. LD says:

    loved the site, it is just that.. alot of the links don’t work (files deleted from service – like in the case of Filthy Dukes – Nonsense In The Dark, Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Twice Born Men, Au Revoir Simone – Still Night, Still, Tosca – No Hassle – all from as for the links from – the site keeps tell me that “Your IP address is currently downloading a file.
    Please wait until the downloading process has been completed” – am i an NOT!
    so.. help???

  154. Peelie says:

    What about new Devendra Banhart album?

  155. Tracey says:

    Can you upload Grooms – Rejoicer please :)

  156. muqq says:

    do you have any info about new Lostprophets and 30 seconds to Mars albums?
    oh, and Uh huh her? ;>

  157. Deke says:

    Great site. The best site I have found for new music. I hate to even offer a suggestion because your site is so good. The only think I would do is add a separate COUNTRY & a separate BLUES category. But that is just a suggestion. The site is fucking awesome just like it is.

  158. katy says:

    can you upload the last michael angelo hands without voices 2

  159. waiting says:

    i was wondering if you could post the band INCITE’s debut’s Max Calavera’s son’s band. also the re-release/special edition of Theory of a Deadman’s Scars & Souvenirs, i’ve been looking for these for a little while.

  160. waiting says:

    also, what time and timezone do you guys update the site? it’s 6:30 am Mountain time right now, which is 8:30 am eastern, but 5:30 am Western, i was just curious, thanks!

    love the lots of good stuff from here

  161. Dave says:

    I would greatly appreciate if you could post the new Goldspot album. It’s called, “And The Elephant is Dancing” and it’s supposed to be pretty good.

  162. marcos says:

    can you find any ray lamontagne albums?? i’d love his discography.. but i really want the “trouble” album. thanks.

  163. waiting says:

    i think the UPLOADING.COM links for Hammerfall’s No Sacrifice, No Victory album are broken =( i went to DL it and when i clicked the link, it said site doesn’t exist..then the second one worked, but when i went to click FREE DL it said it couldn’t be found or has expired..

  164. I says:

    Timbaland Presents Shock Value 2 =]

  165. katy says:

    could you upload the last throwdown album “deathless” please

  166. Joseph B. says:

    Thank you for all the fantastic music!!

    I have a request: Norah Jones-”The Fall”
    I can’t wait for it’s release, do you have this one???


  167. jeff says:

    Hey, do you guys know anything about a possible leak for This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars?

  168. Sergio says:

    can i update my bands album?

  169. Joseph B. says:

    Thank you for posting Norah Jones, that was fast…….!!!!!!!!!

  170. Maxx says:

    i’m looking for Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth ((Conte is the lead guitarist for New York Dolls and pretty much every anime he’s a songwriter))

    thank for posting the NYD album btw!! saw em live on valentine’s day

  171. Dave says:

    You probably know already but, the self titled album from Them Crooked Vultures is coming out soon. This band is legendary. The album is highly anticipated. Thanks.

  172. tsunamit says:

    ray lamontagne pleaaaaaaaase!!! can’t find his older albums anywhere :(

  173. Maxx says:

    thanks so much for posting Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth!! posted very fast! i love you guys!

  174. Robert says:

    the last of fear factory or mnemic

  175. Maxx says:

    looking for the new Celldweller

  176. Joao says:

    Hi there,

    I am a frequent visitor of your great website! Thanks for uploading great albums. If I may make only a couple of suggestions to improve even more, those would be:

    1) The tagging of the MP3s is quite variable. The title of the track/artist/record is in most of the cases not available (no support). The file name also starts with the long website URL. I mean, it is up to you, but perhaps considering not using it for all the track listing, but rather just the folder and/or a small .TXT inside of it to promote the website would be good enough in my view.

    2) Another great websites for hosting that I could suggest would be

    - (File upload distributor to several other websites. it saves a lot of time for you!)
    - (another good reliable service and fast)

    These are just some ideas. Feel free to use them or not.

    Please keep it up!



  177. Maxx says:

    hey thanks for the deluxe of Scars & Souvineers! gotta love Theory of a of the greatest bands there is

  178. Marc_Death says:

    I just downloaded the http://www.newalbumreleases.org_Defiance_-_The_Prophecy but when i unrar this file i get f*cking http://www.newalbumreleases.org_50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct (2009)

    Change that guys this is pretty sad!

  179. Maxx says:

    i know they are kinda older, but i’m looking for the Erik Mongrain albums, and the Conspiracy of Thought albums

  180. Konnor says:

    Hey, Love the website!
    Any chance of getting an audio of Kings Of Leon Live At The 02 in London! Would be much appreciated.
    Once again love the website, keep up the good work!

  181. SuperStar says:


    This is a great music site!! I have just found it..I would like to download a lot of albums (2/3 complete categories). If I subscribe a payed service under FILES EXPRESS, could you send me a text file with all your actual links?

    Doing this manually is a very hard job :(

    Thanks in advance!

  182. Matt says:

    Do you guys have any access to Motley Crue’s new “Greatest Hits”? It came out today, and I was wondering if you had it yet.


  183. Who-I-Am says:

    your web is really really great! I found many new artists there. Thank you very much!
    I don’t know how does it work there, but please if it’s possible – t.A.T.u. – Waste Management. It will be released 15 December in Latin America…

  184. Aaron says:

    what is going on every link that i click takes me to other sites and none of them have to do with music?

  185. Marc says:

    Have you uploaded any of the “Glee” soundtracks from the Fox TV Show?

  186. Sergey says:

    Hello !
    First of all I want to thank you for your work and for this great website ! It’s really great music portal !

    Secondly… I have one question… Is it possible to add some music to your’s website ? I’m musician and i’ll just want to add my albums for free download on your “NewAlbumReleases” website…

    I’ll be waiting for your reply !
    Best regards

  187. Bradley says:

    Can you please post Clubland 13 with three individual links, for the individual Cd’s. Thanks :D

  188. Bradley says:

    Can you please post Clubland 16 with three individual links, for the individual Cd’s. Thanks :D (note:i dont want club land 13, i posted that number by accident lol)

  189. Peelie says:


    I would like to listen the album Here´s the tender coming from The Unthanks. Itś the critically acclaimed album.

  190. VegasDude67 says:

    I have been able to easily find Beyonce’s I Am Yours concert audio CDs, but can’t find the DVD video of the whole concert that comes with it…I know this is ‘newalbumreleases’ so I’m asking cause it just came out today…Any help greatly appreciated!

    Las Vegas :-)

  191. Redfture says:

    I think, if u can put album covers in folders, its ll be great..

  192. McPoon says:

    Great site you got here. I hope it continues and you continue to update it and grow. Thank you for your effort and time. =)

    Oh and great quality of the music!

  193. qkstrk says:

    Is there a chance you could get Arash cd “Donya”? Thanks and awesome website I have found TONS and TONS of music I would have never heard of and I like it! :) Keep up the good work.

  194. hey says:

    hey dis is amzingg!!
    from now on u guys mind uploading on
    they have no limit on downloading…and they have good uploading speed to thanks :D

  195. The Seeker says:

    I have tried to mail you 3 times in the last few days and all emails return to me undeliverable.
    Is your email still valid as shown above?

  196. The Seeker says:

    do you have:

  197. J. Brooke says:

    As usual, I always enjoy the fabulous music here..thank you again.
    I have a request, when you get a copy of “Katherine McPhee” new album called “Unbroken”
    I would LOVE it if you can post it….I’ve heard some tracks from it and it’s beautiful.
    she has a great voice and she is blonde now, very hot..
    thank you again!

  198. apocalyptico says:

    you should start uploading the albums to megaupload or even better mediafire! it easier and a lot faster!! haahhahaha i hope you take this on consideration!!

  199. karen says:

    any chance u could upload bucks fizz the25th anniversary lost masters album. links on other sites are always broken. wicked site u got. had a lot of fun downloading off it. merry chrismas

  200. jen says:

    thanks for the awesome site! you have some of my faves: vedera and landon pigg. :) i’ve been looking for some albums released recently (2009) if you happen to have them (obviously not all of them b/c that would be greedy :) ). thanks so much! paper valleys (by: huntingfield), keys to the city (hold fire), speak (jer coons), better life (playjerise), itunes live (parachute), inside these walls (rob blackledge), acoustic kingdom underground (matt duke), ross copperman (ross copperman)

  201. ELEGY says:

    Hello i’m a big fan of your web site i used to downloading every new album from it but unfortunately in your web site theres no archive for previous albums just new albums i love your files quality and please i searched for EVANESCENCE (THE OPEN DOOR) album in your site but theres no way i love this album specially and i want it as your release so please can you upload it for me and send its links to my email here or in this page i’ll check it later again thank you

  202. ELEGY says:

    Hello i’m a big fan of your web site i used to downloading every new album from it but unfortunately in your web site theres no archive for previous albums just new albums i love your files quality and please i searched for EVANESCENCE (THE OPEN DOOR) album in your site but theres no way i love this album specially and i want it as your release so please can you upload it for me and send its links to my email here or in this page i’ll check it later again thank you.


  203. . raulito says:

    seriously….you are the shit!!

  204. mark says:

    great site, but need better webhosting service options, megaupload mediafire would be ideal.

  205. mark says:

    can i recommend this site

    also how about a message forum ? – if u need a hand let me know.

  206. says:

    sorry guys. i really don’t have enough time to answer all of you. i’ve try to do this asap! ;]

    2The Seeker:
    no problem.


    2jen \ J. Brooke:
    hard to find bands. i’ll let you know if i see one.


    it’s hard to keep links alive with other filehosters.
    i’m thinkig about forum but i’m not sure it will be popular enough.

  207. The Seeker says:

    Spasiba Danke Thank you

  208. The Seeker says:

    Request: KMFDM new remix album ‘Krieg’

  209. Ariel says:

    “ANIMAL” – KE$HA
    “WANT” – 3OH!3

  210. jay says:

    hey looking for John Reuben’s new album, Sex Drugs and Self Control. Appreciate it if you can find it!

  211. ELEGY says:


  212. ELEGY says:

    OH, When i opend the link that u shared for Evanescence The Open Door Albums i found this message (This file is suspected to contain illegal content and has been blocked………etc)
    U know what just your reply makes me happy thank u for everything but can u upload it in any onther hosting site please dont hurry up for this upload it any time u want i’ll check this place every day again if u downloaded this files thank you

    bye PAL

  213. enzo says:

    thank u all. great idea!!! but, what about house music, is there anything like this in this site?

  214. The Seeker says:

    Carousel by Robin Guthrie

  215. The Seeker says:

    Nitzer Ebb “Compilation” new 3cd remix compilation on Mute

  216. v says:

    little request:
    could you upload some itunes LP version of the album??

  217. says:

    u can find some in “electronic” section. but actually we don’t think house music is intresting enough.
    2The Seeker:
    probably ;)

  218. ELEGY says:

    OH, When i opend the link that u shared for Evanescence The Open Door Albums i found this message (This file is suspected to contain illegal content and has been blocked………etc)
    U know what just your reply makes me happy thank u for everything but can u upload it in any onther hosting site please dont hurry up for this upload it any time u want i’ll check this place every day again if u downloaded this files thank you

    ( I PUT THAT BEFORE BUT U FOREOT ME IN UR LAST POST ) check above the (seeker) and (enzo) i’ll check that page every day again bye

  219. says:

    i didn’t forgot, i ddn’t have much time to upload it. sorry. ;]
    check it – Evanescence – The Open Door (2006)

  220. v says:

    i can’t wait!! upload some of them (like doors, muse, pearl jam) soon!! they are impossible to’re the best, I know that you can do it!

  221. ELEGY says:


  222. Ariel says:


  223. We at Miltonious Blog are HUGE FANS of your site, We wanted to know if you can or will Get The New Massive Attack “Heligoland” ! Keep up the Great work!!! We Love you!!!

  224. Michel says:

    The Ke$ha – Animal album link is false since Jan 3, 2010. It now links to het Heathen album !
    Could you correct it ?

  225. Albert says:

    Have you ever posted Ladyhawke’s debut album ? I suggest to link it up, it’s a fresh, cool indie music u could ever hear.

  226. brad says:

    Please get Brutal Truth – Evolution In One Take: For Grindfreaks Only! Volume 2


  227. Aaron says:

    Do u when u guys r gonna post the new Rob Zombie album “Hellbilly Deluxe 2″?

  228. Alex says:

    This is the best website for downaloading nice music!
    Keep updating and we will love you haha
    Thanks for the web



  229. Kinsky says:

    I’m looking for Brookville – Broken Lights
    can u help me ?

  230. Thanks man! Love the New Massive Attack album!!!

  231. Dave says:

    Hey. The singer for the band Wintersleep is coming out with a solo album under the name Postdata. It sounds really interesting. If possible can you post it? Thanks again. Like I’ve said multiple times before, your site kicks ass.

  232. James says:

    Hey, I got two requests!

    First is
    PLIES- Goon Affiliated Album
    Second is

    It would be great to see both of these here at New Album Releases!

  233. Sadefan says:

    hey there!
    Always a big thank you for all the music that you post!!!
    any chances for the leaked new “Sade” album “Soldier Of Love”
    Would LOVE to have it…thanks!!

  234. Peelie says:

    I would like to hear There is love in you album by Four Tet.

  235. dead says:

    Thanks for the great posts!
    I (and possibly quite some other users) would love to see RapidShare links.

    At they say:
    Users who use RapidShare for free may place their files in the Collector’s Zone. When you upload files into this area, they are automatically allocated to your Collector’s Account. If your files are downloaded, you collect RapidPoints that can be exchanged for a free Premium Account.

    From the FAQ:
    For how long are files stored?
    In principle, we host data without a time limit. But files that have not been accessed for 90 days are deleted to relieve the system of forgotten and not needed content.

  236. Shawn says:

    heey can you add albums from the band Monde yeux !

  237. Peelie says:

    Post the new album by Kría Brekkan
    Uterus Water

  238. B.R says:

    new album of Orphaned Land is released.
    we are waiting….
    come on maaaaaan.

  239. Stefan 93 says:

    Hi, I saw that there is some new album of U2 – People. I don’t know if it is official or what…

  240. muzykoholiczna says:

    Hadouken! – For The Masses

  241. D.McNabbfan says:

    Another request,
    This album is due out soon and I was wondering if it is already out there and if it is possible to place it on this site.

    Lifehouse- Smoke and Mirrors

    And Another:
    Lupe Fiasco- The L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto


  242. Mike says:

    Tora Tora released 3 new albums… you got one of them, Miss B Haven… will you be posting the other two, Bombs Away & Before & After?

  243. jhulion says:

    hello, i love this page good music, but i want if you can upload more music of The Felix Culpa adore the band please


    sorry for the english, i am peruvian and never i study english xDD

  244. KiNG says:

    Hi NewAlbumRelease ! Do you post the new album of noyz narcos that goes out tomorrow(29/01/10) ??? TNX

  245. Joseph Brooke says:

    THANK YOU again for posting Sade’s new release!!!

    I have another request, please!!!!

    could you please post “Melody Gardot”- CD “Worrisome Heart”, she is a great jazz/blues singer with a wonderful voice, very smooth and I would love any of her releases. She is new on the scene and she is fantastic!!!

    I really Appreciate it…!!! thank you again

  246. Peelie says:

    I would like to hear Marina & the Diamonds and the album called The Family Jewels.


  247. thenormal says:

    i don’t know if you guys take requests, here it is anyway:

    Babybird – Ex-Maniac

    Thanks for this amazing service, and keep up the good work!

  248. ocram977 says:

    Hi, great site!
    I’d be very glad if you can upload:
    Sheri – First Sign (2010) DEBUT ALBUM
    Ola Joyce – Window Shopping EP (2009)

    Many Thanx!!!

  249. Dave says:

    Citizen Cope – The Rainwater LP would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  250. Kriss says:

    Keep up the great work!! Looking forward to seeing Airbourne’s new album here real soon….!

  251. tostox420 says:


    If you guys find a link for Radar Bros The Illustrated Garden, would you please post it here

  252. Danny B. says:

    Anyone have the new Jason Falkner “All QUiet on the Noise Floor”. For some reason it is only available as a Japanese import $$$$. Thanks

  253. kriss says:

    jason falkner – all quiet on the noise floor:


  254. Danny B. says:

    Thanks Kriss. You’re the best!!

  255. VisceriousZERO says:

    May I just say, i love this site. Love the music posted here. So quick, so efficient. Thank you!

  256. carlos says:

    please post Hola,

    Radar Bros – The Illustrated Garden

  257. Peelie says:

    I would like to heat the new album by Joanna Newsom

  258. tennisgurl416 says:

    Hello! I am new to this site and can’t seem to quite get it right. :( I download the files to and follow all of their uploading steps, but do not know how to put them in my itunes. So my music downloads are just in a file and I’m not sure what to do.

    Am I missing something? Is there an easier way?
    I have a mac, in case that makes a difference. I am not so great with computers but really want to figure this out because there are TONS of cd’s on here that I would LOVE to get!

  259. kriss says:

    Open up iTunes and click “File” and “Add to Library.” Browse to the folder where you have the downloaded MP3′s saved and select “Choose.” IF you have a lot of songs in your library, the easiest way to see the most recently added songs is to click on “recently added” in the right hand panel under “playlists” .

  260. request says:

    hey, i’ve been looking for an jazz album but i can’t find it until now :(
    i want you to help me please
    it’s “Cy Coleman – Comin’ Home”
    I’m very thankful if you find it and post it for me

  261. Kid_Stevie says:

    Im searching for the new audio bullys.. “Higher Than The Eiffel”
    It leaked and ive found a 70mb rip.. but thats not a really good one..
    so im searching for the 320kbps/129mb version, thats been floating around, but i cant find a working link…

    i hope someone can help me out with this one… thanks in advance!!

  262. pacoph says:

    I love your website!! thank you for all the music! can you post the nu album of elizabeth fraser (cocterau twins).
    Thank you very much!

  263. Peelie says:

    I would like to hear Laura Marling – I Speak Because I Can album.

  264. Dave says:

    Website is the balls! Jamie Lidell is coming out with a new album. Would be awesome if you could post it. Jamie Lidell – Compass…. Thanks!

  265. Kid_Stevie says:

    @266 Dave,

    its coming out on 18th of may.. so thats like 2 months away..
    albums usually dont leak that much before a release date…
    anyway, it didnt leak yet, but i think it will be posted if it leaks

    (btw.. i didnt knew about the new album, so thanks for the info :P )

  266. Lane says:

    Can you post the band In Fear and Faith…. Thanks!

  267. Skarry says:


    I would like to know why there isnt a “House” section wich would got all the house / techhouse / electrohouse / lounge style music , wich would be really interesting since it’s one of the most listened style music around the world

    Thx in advance

  268. anon says:

    can you post the band “ah holly fam’ly” album reservoir please??? thank you for all your hard work!

  269. Dave says:

    @267 Kid_Steve,
    Wow. You’re right. Totally misread the information about the Jamie Lidell release. Way too early to be looking for that. The album should be good though… it was co-produced by Beck. Just lookin out for my fellow Jamie Lidell fans. Gettin a little too excited I guess. :)

  270. mivanhoxcss says:

    Great Site. Was added to mybookmarks. Greetings From USA.

  271. WABBIT says:

    I WOULD LIKE TO UPLOAD OR SEND YOU AN ALBUM, Locnville it is a local release here in South Africa, it is one of the best rap/electronic duo here in South Africa, the album was released a couple of weeks ago and is not available on torrent sites… here is two of there music vids off of the album:
    Please contact me with info on how i can get the album on this site. thanx for the awsome site

  272. VisceriousZERO says:


    Dave Barnes’ new album, “What We Want, What We Get” please! Thanks!

  273. pacoph says:

    Hello! you have a great website, but can you post some Spanish/latin music like Julieta Venegas and Miguel Bose, please, thank you!!!

  274. decemberhurricane says:

    Any chance you’ve seen the Disturbed re-release of The Sickness? Haven’t been able to find it yet…

  275. chad says:

    i see all the files are vbr, what is the bit rate?



  276. B says:

    ANATHEMA has announced the release of their 8th studio album, “We’re Here Because We’re Here,”

  277. kajonfra says:


    I would very much appreciate it when you also post RapidShare links.


  278. Timothy Truckle says:

    very fine site, thanks so far…

    a new category “OST” would be nice…



  279. astro says:

    i love this site (your probably sick of people saying that) but its the truth man.
    i was wondering if you could post Sia’s new album “We Are Born” pls??

    astro :)

  280. ocram says:

    Hi, I’m looking for new “INGRID OLAVA – The Guest (2010)”, please!!!

  281. Robert says:

    please upload tha last of bleeding throught , bullet for my valentine, as i lay dying

  282. Leo says:

    Hi. I work for a band here in Brazil called PLANAR.
    We´re releasing a new indie rock EP right now and I was wondering if it´s possible to put it to download in the website.

    If you need to listen first, that´s the link :

    Appreciate your job,
    thanks for you attention,
    Leonardo Braga.

  283. Evilman says:

    Hi !

    I’m really proud of this website, your really one of the best site for album releases, great quality and soooo good stuff !!

    But i have to ask you something :

    Can you precise the “Kbps” for albums releases ?

    320,128,250… It’s important for me, and other people i think…

    Just fix that and it would be awesome !!! Please !

  284. true says:

    can you get yann tiersen’s palestine ep??

  285. BB says:

    Hi, dig your site. Please post the new LCD Soundsystem, ‘This is Happening’.

  286. Crimson Idol says:

    Hi !

    Possibility to get the latest Revolting Cocks Album, named “Got Cock?”

    Totally Cool if you get it for us =)

    Thanks for your good work, you rocks, keep on it !

  287. Robert says:

    the last of whitechapel, heaven shall burn, or soilwork

  288. Vahé says:

    Great Site…..
    Every morning before I start my daily job @ the office, I check this site out!
    Great Thanks.

  289. Can you leak our new record to be available on ROCK PROPER RECORDS 06/15/10? Really cool website you have!

    Thanks, Billy

  290. Rotkiv says:

    Could you upload this album?

    Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday

    I really want to…


  291. guslynne says:

    Hello, congratulations for this page. Please, can you post the new album of James Dupre “It’s All Happening”? Its a very very nice album of Country Music. Thank You.

  292. Michel says:

    You’re doing a great job.
    But sometimes a mistake remains. It’s human after all.
    Today’s mistake is with the Recoil album : CD2 is in fact the Angels & Airwaves, Love album and not the Recoil album
    Thanks for correcting


  293. Joseph Brooke says:

    Thank you again and again for all the great tunes.
    I have a request, if you ever get your hands on Tracey Thorn’s new one “Love and It’s Opposite” that would be great to have it! It does not come out until May 18th, but I do know that it leaked somewhere

  294. Fredo says:

    Thanks a lot for that website, for all your effort, you’re really doing an awesome job!!
    Just a wee question, where do you come from , are you from germany ?
    Thanks again

  295. Fredo says:

    and I just have a request if it’s possible could you post the Chapelier fou lp?

  296. AstalaVista says:

    Thank you for all albums..

  297. ... says:

    it would be awesome if you could put the cover in the folder to the music.
    thanks. looking forward.

  298. dinho says:

    Dear NAR!!!
    Great blog!!! Fantastic posts…
    Would give me an information? How can I rip a CD to MP3 with the art cover on the files?
    Any tip will be appreciated!
    Thanks a lot!!!
    All the Best, D

  299. martin says:

    the new “The Deer Tracks” album would be nice!

  300. Peelie says:

    I would like to hear new album by The Dead Weather – Sea Of Cowards.

  301. Flou says:

    hey everybody!
    Can somebody tell me where are the Password´s for the albums are?
    to extract the Files you need one, where can i find it?


  302. Dave says:

    The new Wintersleep album would be a great addition! It’s called New Inheritors. Thanks a million.

  303. Robert says:

    i can’t wait for the powerless rise of as I lay dying

  304. Stefan 93 says:

    Hi, are you ok? You haven’t posted anything for almost a week…

  305. Rick Wilson says:

    An avid fan hoping all is well, because I’ve seen nothing new since April 27th; and, YOU missed the boat with the new Peter Frampton, but I covered for YOU! lol Keep ‘em comin’, please! “Deep Purple” Box; “Black Sabbath”, Ronnie James Dio Deluxe Editions would be nice. Thank YOU, kindly!

  306. Metal A.D. says:

    No updates since April 27th…on vacation? If so, drink some mai tais for me!

  307. fa says:

    how come there are no new updates?

  308. bb says:

    Would like to hear new People From Venus – Toot Toot Yeah!

  309. Carli says:

    update this side

  310. Kevin says:

    Can you please upload Godsmack’s new album “The Oracle”?

  311. Gilles 972 says:

    Veryyyyyyyyyy Good job and website.
    Thank’s for all.
    But it’s 5 days we haven’t an update.
    What’s happen. I hope that everything is OK.
    See you as soon as possible.
    Giiles from Martinica

  312. garlud says:

    i’m dry…

  313. MONK says:

    the site is stopped from 27 april…..anyone know why?

  314. ozzy says:

    ozzy osbourne almum under cover is release now. i hope i can find here for next week. gracias

  315. says:

    hey guys! don’t panic.. the huge update for last days just has been made!
    our team has been on a trip this weekend. i’ll promise to warn you next time!

  316. garlud says:

    french “ouf”!

  317. jackoff says:


  318. jackoff says:

    is this site a farce, i have been downloading since (at least a week), and not one(at least 25)
    has made it to my i tunes………..what the fu……..

  319. XD says:

    thx for the posts :D

  320. says:

    you spend a week downloading files you can’t listen?!.. you are my hero! ;]

  321. jackoff says:

    well now that i have your attention!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what can i rip today( may 9th,2010)…..
    that i can listen to today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  322. Redd Frogg says:

    Gr8 website. I only have 2 more words for you…

    …Use MediaFire!

  323. peg says:

    please add the new album by Nas & Damian Marley : Distant Relatives

  324. jackoff says:

    my bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i found someone to show me how…………..

    P.S. TOOL

  325. marcus says:

    the website is the best i’ve been to but why isn’t there any old music like tupac nas ilmatic i know the site is and its all about new music but is there any site i could go to,to get the old music and new music lol

  326. jackoff says:

    hello, i don`t know if this was suggested be4, but, why not try a rating system…
    ex. a+, a b+,………or 10, 9, 8,…..
    ask the clients to rate what they hear, and comment if they would like…..

    just a suggestion………..keep up the hard work, we appreciate it

  327. jackoff says:

    now that i know how to use this system…….
    i am soooooo hooked, this is addictive…..
    keep up the hard work, this site is the shisit!!!!!

  328. jackoff says:

    any chance getting……….tom petty, MOJO…..
    ………..stone temple pilots……..
    ozzy, SCREAM………
    rolling stones, EXILE

  329. First of all, let me just say i’m a huuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of your website!!! your my source for new music & premature downloads of long awaited albums!!! lol…

    But question, there is this album that came out in February by this various artist gospel group named, “Sound Walk Music Group”, entitled, “The Come Up”.. I was wondering could you please post this up???? thank you…

  330. garlud says:

    Don’t forget the latest “80′s matchbox b-line disaster”,
    and say YEAH!

  331. Afonso says:

    First I would like to thank you for the great work that you have been doing! This website is one of my favourites.
    And I would like to ask you if it’s possible to host the COLETTE 10 (Various artists).
    Thanks again for everything.

  332. cnsy says:

    Hi; Add to your site, I add my blog page for the album information. Available as a link, your site. If you think a problem may I continue? Thanks…

  333. says:

    use link as you like. they are not copyrighted. )

  334. cnsy says:

    Thank you for your relevancy, I hope I can contribute a little to your site, your site is really nice. Good luck. Thanks…

  335. Ariel says:


  336. b says:

    could uou upload the new album of ” ion ” that called ” Immaculada ”

  337. jackoff says:

    good work guys,,,,,,,,keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

  338. Jimbob says:

    Any sign of the four disc box set by The La’s titled Callin’ All?

  339. Have you any idea when Ozzy’s new album “Scream” will be released?
    I have heard 2 tracks of of it on Time Warner Cable’s “Metal Channel” It’s $%*^@)% Awesome! The tracks I heard, can’t remember the titles, but they are the HEAVIEST songs that Ozzy has ever put out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  340. jackoff says:

    i just heard this band: MONO, HOLY GROUND: NYC LIVE
    if u see it………….

    thanxz 4 everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  341. jackoff says:

    just wondering if you can find……….UNITOPIA THE GARDEN



  342. Eric says:

    Would it be possible to get Drake’s Thank Me Later album ?
    Set to be released June 15th

  343. JKidol says:

    Would it be possible to get Metric’s new EP, called “spotify sessions”?

    It’s available for free if you have spotify but i don’t live in Europe, so any help would be great!

    thanx and great web!

  344. raf says:

    i became premium member of hotfile but i cannot download yet with full speed.
    i logged in but i am still a free member
    can you do something about it?
    what should i do?

    great side with great music

  345. oM says:

    Of Montreal – False Priest, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. tramadol says:

    I don’t agree. But still good post.

  347. jackoff says:

    glad i got “120gb,,,,,i-pod

    keep up the good”work”

  348. Fredy says:

    This site is awesome!!!

  349. Joseph B. says:

    Thank you so much for Delerium -Remixed, but tracks 3, 8 and 11 are not unzipping.
    could you please re-upload those tracks, I really appreciate all the fantastic music here and all of your hard work. thank you again!
    Joseph B.

  350. rapidopen says:


  351. Pharmd331 says:

    Hello! cckbddk interesting cckbddk site!

  352. dTraurcita says:

    Thank you very well read all textt about drsang and ilike it very much

  353. James says:

    Eminem Recovery!!! It should have leaked june 1. I was wondering if you already got it…

  354. Luminotte says:

    Thank you so much for Negative Neon!!!
    Do you have ICONCRASH – Enochian Devices?
    All the Best.

  355. Mr. Latex says:

    Hello NAR, I wonder if you like to posting my singles.

  356. Mr Music says:

    major panic when saw site down last night, Birlliant and invaulable site. If ever change url please let us all know

  357. jcvjr says:

    i have a request eamon second album love & pain

  358. phentermine says:

    Thank you for your work. I have bookmarked your site and I will definitely read your other posts. Thanks again.

  359. says:

    Last Night we had some technical problems. Everything is ok now.

  360. jackoff says:

    any chance there could be a “archive for “prog rock” category”

  361. Matt says:

    First off, I LOVE this website! This site has been doing a good job of updating, and I’m discovering different artists.

    Next thing, do you know when Ozzy Osbourne’s “Scream” is gonna be leaked? The EPK he posted made me wanna listen REAL bad and all of these false sites posting false links.


  362. Wolf says:

    put the cd of the band The Parlotones, is a South African band, rock, pop rock pretty good.

  363. jackoff says:

    amazon says the “ozzy SCREAM” is out june 22nd,………

  364. jackoff says:

    june 22nd……”.journey ” by ARTHUR BROWN



  365. request guest says:

    You guys are doin great!

    Can you get a link to Adhere the new album by Senate.

    thanks for all your efforts, dudes

  366. hi says:

    Please fix the RSS feed!

  367. Se7en says:

    Your Content Feed is not refreshing – since Friday, I Think – the last release in the feed is “Exilla – Naked”……………..PLeaeaeassseee fix it & keep on releasing – u guys are great !!!

  368. Mickaël says:

    i can’t find the mail to concact you to submit you my album.
    can you help me ?
    (Good site)

  369. says:

    Does anybody still have problems with RSS?

  370. Se7en says:

    Sorry, but still not working.
    Open this and there´s no Content.
    Even manually refreshing the feed don´t work

  371. says:

    check feed one more time now. thanks.

  372. Se7en says:

    worx fine now! Thxalot !

  373. suggestion says:

    Maybe you could include more than the last 20 albums in your RSS feed. Sometimes you add more than 20 albums at once, so that some albums will never arrive via RSS. Extending to the last 30 albums should be enough.

  374. Sucu says:

    Could you please upload Mishavonna Henson’s new album Country Soul & Rock and Roll? I can’t find it anywhere.

    Great site by the way!

  375. jackoff says:

    if u see…………………………………………..THE FALL


  376. Exoduz says:

    Hey, props on the website. I check this site just about everyday. I was gonna upgrade to a hotfile account to download more efficiently but then it occurred to me, that MediaFire exists and it’s absolutely free. Unlimited downloads and it’s absolutely free. Plus it’s super fast. Any chance on switching to them?


  377. jackoff says:


  378. Jonny says:

    Hey Mr/Mrs newalbumreleases,

    firstly, just wanna say that I LOVE the blog, really really great- everything I search for, you have. BUT, recently Example’s new album “Won’t Go Quietly” was released, i just wonder if you have plans to upload?

    Thanks again!

  379. temp says:

    Garrison Starr pliz

  380. jackoff says:

    marillion new album……live boxset of bootlegs……….PLEASE

  381. Marcus says:

    hey mates! you blog is ACE!


  382. fav says:


  383. Laney says:

    can you please put up A Note In Your Pocket by Carter Hulsey ????

  384. Povilas p says:

    Who can i download US 5 Album Back Again ?

  385. Se7ens Request says:

    I would love you 2 death if you could up….
    “DWEEZIL ZAPPA – Return of the Son of” (just released on June, 23rd)
    ….that would be amazing! thx anayway 4 da great site !!

  386. girlie perry says:

    this is a great site well organized:) good job^^
    but i wanna ask you a question?
    how can i download music? i have a mac…
    and everytime i download something it appears blank:(

  387. paco says:

    where the “United Nations of Sound’s” albums:):)
    this is a great site congratulations…

  388. jackhoff says:

    girlie:) you need…Un RarX
    to extract the folder

  389. Amilkar says:

    Porfa, Please musica de:

    - V for Volume

  390. babadilla says:

    Your site is really awsome!.. But can’t u change your servers to megaupload or 4shared, or may be add them?..

  391. Lindsay says:

    Hey, do you think you can try to get One Night Only’s “One Night Only” album coming out 23 August (2010)? That’d be great because I simply can’t find it anywhere!
    Thanks in advance!

  392. jackhoff says:

    marillion……bootleg, boxset

  393. lionel_weiss says:

    Please, could you upload the album “Songs” from Siobhan Wilson????

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  394. Dave says:

    Hey NAR. Bombay Bicycle Club is coming out with a new acoustic album called Flaws. Just wanted to let you know to keep an eye out for it. Should be really good. Thanks again!

  395. Danny B. says:

    Anyone have Chris Difford’s I Didn’t Get Where I Am? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  396. Miguel says:

    Guys you rock…!!!
    You are God.
    Add to favorites done!

  397. Hello! I have posted comments here and there, and I love this website so much! One of the best ones out there! Now I have a request. Since I realize you can’t keep track of everything out there. I was wondering If I could help you. I wouldn’t take over or anything but I could definitely help you here and there. Like for example I have the album “Sky Sailing” (A side project from Adam Young, before Owl City was made)
    I’m not asking for site access. More so, where I can contact you or anything to get my files to you and possibly posted on here. Let me know! I look forward to your response!

    Who loves orange soda?

  398. Matt says:

    Love the site by the way….could you please upload In This Moment – A Star Crossed Wasteland?


  399. jackhoff says:

    marillion………… official bootleg boxset volume 2…..


  400. girlie perry says:

    jackhoff thank you so much for answer me:)^^

  401. georgie says:

    can you fin a download link for young guns – all our kings are dead please? they’re a great band, and i need to listen to their album! but at the moment, i have no pennies to buy it :( please, would be a great help if you could find it :D !!!

  402. jackhoff says:

    girlie:) did it help??????
    let me know….

  403. Andy says:

    great site! have you been able to find the a-ha “Hunting High and Low” 2 CD remastered version yet? Love the “Scoundrel Days” posted last week. Thanks again for all you do!

  404. girlie perry says:

    yea it did thank u:)

  405. Chook says:

    Thanks so much for putting ‘Been Listening’ by Johnny Flynn on the website :) I requested it in the forum, so was very happy to see it on the site!! Thank you very much!

  406. Topz says:

    I have been trying to find “John Leventhal – Winter Solstice (Soundtrack)” for a while and cant find it =(
    Can you please try to find it?! I watched the movie and the songs are great!



  407. Samaer says:

    Thought you might like to know that people are hotlinking your uploads..


    for example.

  408. Ian Miller says:

    Please put our Album Scars in your Download Site too,
    Ian Miller from
    The Prayer

    Catagorize our Music please as Electronic (EBM, Industrial)


    Take Our Albums under Downloads

  409. jackhoff says:

    john Mclaughlin….2010 release …………”to the one”

  410. zeph says:

    Well, I must agree with lots of comments here : Amazing site!
    I just found your site as i was having a “promenade” on the net and I must say it’s the most beautiful and impressive and well organized site of music i ‘ve ever seen.. (do you work on Web designing ??) And for sure, i ‘d really seen a lot !!
    Go on ! And let me me know how could someone contribute to this ? :-)
    I already discovered some really good albums i didn’t know here, and some will sure be bought in a few days on Amazon (idea : why don’t you make a direct link to amazon’s page of the artist/album so that some of us can contibute to the artist ? and sure you ‘ll get a little retrib by amazon for you work ;-)
    Thanks again !

  411. jackhoff says:

    leonard cohen live in london april 3 2009

    2 c.d. the fist part of the 1st upload is not working….
    but the rest of the upload is working…
    thanxz ahead of time,….for all the hard work

  412. poetryman says:

    When I download files with 2 parts I am not able to connect them so I end up with half a song. I tried unpacking with 7-zip and it still does not connect the 2 files/parts of the song. Is this like a notch cut into the discounted CD packaging or is there a way to connect the 2 parts? Thanks

  413. Zakk says:

    Hey every time i try to download a file its saved as .rar and i cant open it

  414. Arash says:

    Thank you very much for beautiful website
    I am on of your big fans from tehran / Iran …
    We have a problem … Iranian opinionated regime banned many sharing websites like as hotfile ….
    Please upload your files on (free file hosting resumable) or or
    sincerely yours

  415. nadir says:

    hello could you send me by email all the day´s notice, so i can be in contact with music and the new releases everytime??
    thx to much

  416. zero says:

    was wondering if you could get a copy of the new “Kidneythieves” album “TryptOfanatic” its been out 2 days now; ive waited like 8 years for it; and no one has uploaded/posted it yet….

  417. astro says:

    Washington’s new album would be awesome… pls…
    and a big thanks for posting Sia’s new album. :)

  418. mate says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your work and also suggest you to upload also on Rapidshare, I have feeling its much more popular and so more people have premium account. This would save a lot of time when downloading few cds.
    Thanks a lot.


  419. Maxximus Prime says:

    The Shaggs….enough said..the album is Philosophy of the World..unfortunatly it’s from 1969, but everybody needs to know about this band. they are so amazingly bad, that they are awesome. if you would kindly post this album, i would love you forever ((it’s VERY hard to come across))

  420. John says:

    hey i was wondering if you guys could get another link for New Found Glory’s album, “Not Without A Fight”

  421. Dave says:

    Hey. Ray Lamontagne and David Gray are both coming out with new albums within a few weeks. Just letting you know. Thanks a bunch for all that this site provides.

  422. Ariel says:

    your site is very very cool!

  423. Drew says:

    Hi. Just wondering if there was a system where we could report broken or dead links so you don’t keep wasting space keeping them up.

  424. Tales Kiss says:

    This is for me, the greatest source of “what´s new around” ever!
    I love this site and I love to pass it to all the ppl I know.
    I just have one piece of advice, I’ve been noticing that you are not putting anymore into the zip file, the cover of the downloaded album. Please, do it, cause this way, we can see the cover of the album and feel the need to buy it (I mean, the CD). Without it, it seems that is no reference at all, u know what I mean?
    Thanks a lot, you guys really rulez!!!!

    Tales Kiss

  425. claudio says:

    i agree with tales…………he rocks…..!!!!!!!!!!

  426. DavidTV says:

    hey when will time for annihilation by papa roach be available? it comes out august 31….

  427. jackhoff says:

    just want to say THANXZ

  428. greenglass8 says:

    Where is the new Dax Riggs album?!?!!

  429. JoosTVD says:

    Req: could you post my new album “The Vanished Dutchman” (see info on my blog). You can try it first! Thanks great stuff up here and well designed website!
    Greets JoosTVD

  430. Dave says:

    Could you get The R.E.D. Album by Game ?
    It’s a Rap album set to be released the 24th of August.

  431. James says:

    I hear that the new David Archuleta album leaked. Its called “The Other Side of Down”

    Wondering if you might be able to get it up?

  432. mike the pike says:

    hey could you start uploading Asian music new releases i c your site is lacking in that department if you do that even more people will come to this site by Asian i mean Korean and Japanese artist like boa and koda kumi

  433. scorpio71 says:

    i havent seen any posting on OZZY’s i-Tunes ep.if you dont have it,i can send you my link for personal link.and you can upload it if you want.share my link,or make your own.up to you,or post both links.just trying to be helpful and give back to one of the greatest sites out there!!! i love this awesome ass site! i tell everyone i know bout you,no one does it better then you guys!(and gals?)lol

  434. coupy says:

    Do you have the new Phineas and Ferb album “Summer Belongs To You”…I can only find it on iTunes :(

  435. James says:

    There is also a new Linkin Park album! A Thousand Suns…

  436. Jerry says:

    What happened to Sharingmatrix links?!?!?!?!?

  437. Marlon says:

    Hello dear friends … The music is incredible you up … but the servers they use are crap. Please switch to megaupload now is the best server. Do not expect much. Also thank you very much for the music that always go up ….

  438. scott says:

    i downloaded cinder road and it only comes up with the last song on the album when added to itunes can you fix this pls

  439. jackhoff says:

    the fall…….rebellious jukebox


  440. LdMind says:

    NEw cds are out you guys are lackin. New For Today. And Sonic Syndicate… I WANNA SEE IF THEY ARE GOOD!

  441. Wolfpack says:

    The new Angra CD Aqua is leaked!

  442. Wicked says:

    i like how u guys have every type of music thats cool cause im into all kinds but country can u please upload Diamonique’s new album Diamond in The Ruff 2010

  443. ronaldo says:


    I am contacting you to see if would release the second album of my band … would you put the album to be downloaded from the site?

    what should I do?


  444. zack says:

    Can you get The Hoosiers’ “The Illusion of Safety.” :)
    Thank yooooou.

  445. chome says:

    please send me ISAAC MEYER – ACOUSTIC RHYTHMS :)

  446. Miqsh says:

    omg .. Somehow SOME PEOPLE have Poetry for the Poisoned album from KAMELOT .. :’(
    Do you have a copy of it? :/
    I am dying to hear it .. :(

  447. Nicolas says:

    Hey guys! What are your rock and metal twitters please ????? Thx !!!

  448. Manuel says:

    Heey hello thanks for the music you guys are awesome … Do you have please the new Brad album, is called Best Friends? … Thanks a lot…

  449. Hey We wanted to feature your site an album from your site every Monday or Wednesday, just wanted to know if that is cool with you guys.. Or course we will have a link to your site.

    Let is know!

  450. jackhoff says:


  451. Ariel says:

    HI guys!!!
    first!! thnx!! for a lot of music!!!
    i wanna invited you to listen my music, and this it posibblle, upload my EP. if you want, and like you my music!!!!

    Take care!!!!

    and thnx again!!!!

  452. ScoRPioN2 says:

    you are best
    thanks ;)
    best regard…

  453. prince blakk says:

    i was wondering if you’d actually post the links to download our free mixtapes and/or albums…

    let me know

    i can upload it myself somewhere or send you guys the files!

  454. Micka says:

    hi !
    how can i submit my album ?

  455. bas says:

    Req: JoosTVD- The Vanished Dutchman 2010

  456. Mike says:

    Hey im looking for disturbed – Asylum it comes out on August 31st it should be floating around somewhere…. but its not can you please post it :)

  457. Featherhead says:

    looking all over the web for the new album: Sweet Jane – sugar for my soul

    if anyone saw it and could upload it here that would be fantastic
    thanks for everything else :P

  458. Jerry says:

    I don’t understand how this works? I go to the bottom of the page, download an album, get a link. But then what do I do with the link? How do I make it an mp3?

  459. Dave says:

    Jimmy Eat World – Invented… I would be forever grateful. Thanks again!

  460. Rob says:

    Do you have an upload option so we can provide you music?

  461. janko says:

    does somebody knows the password for the prince billy album?

  462. Enjambre says:

    Hi, you have a great great great blog here! Congrats and thanks for your great work!
    I visit the site everyday for new albums.

    Anyway, there are two things I want to recommend …
    1. It would be great if you put the exact release date of the albums with day and month.
    2. I recommend ZIPPYSHARE.COM to upload the files … no wait, no captchas, very good speed.

    Thanks again for your work!
    Keep rockin!

  463. markuz says:

    Can you post Maximum Balloon’s album please?

  464. Miqsh says:

    10 Years – feeding the wolves is out .. upload it for the other awesome people here!

  465. Miqsh says:

    Disturbed – Asylum is also out .. please upload .. i am sure people would love to hear it!

  466. Brian says:

    Can you upload the new JP CHRISSIE AND THE FAIRGROUND BOYS CD?

  467. jackhoff says:

    i don`t know if this will do any good but…………..THE FALL REBELLIOUS JUKEBOX

  468. Randle says:

    Hi, could you upload the new Bad Religion album please its called The Dissent of Man! Thanks!

  469. Robert says:

    Hey I was just wondering if it was at all possible for you guys to add Michael Bublé’s “Haven’t Met You Yet Remixes.” Keep up the good work. Love the site!

  470. Poets says:

    This site blows my mind. I know it’s naughty.. but the availability of such range is so amazing and I am very grateful.. it has changed my thoughts on a lot of things by constantly introducing me to new bands that I would not otherwise know of.
    This might not really be the sort of question you were expecting but I am hoping it would be possible for me to incorporate my own album (currently unreleased) into listings? If so what would be my first steps.. I haven’t delved myself yet with upload-sites – if not I would appreciate feedback/advice anyway! :)

  471. Miqsh says:


    UPDATE ITTTTTTTT … OMG .. this is the most anticipated album for me this year!!!!!!! i am sure lot more others are feeling the same!! :D

  472. gf says:


    Just a quick request.

    I’m reading all the new posts using the rss feed. The problem is that I can’t see all of the new releases, because you put the limit to 20 new posts. Since I only read my rss feeds once a day and sometimes there are more than 20 new releases, I only see some of them. Also if I don’t reed my feeds for two days, I also miss a lot of them.

    What I wanted to ask if you could put more posts in the rss feed. Let’s say maybe 100? or 200?

    Thank you also for this great site


  473. Nicole says:

    When Armin van Buuren e Tiësto albums will come available to download? tnx

  474. Poets says:

    i’ll continue to be patient, but hope that you may reply to my comment some time

  475. Dawn says:

    What happened to teh new Black Crowes album “Croweology”? I sat down all excited to grab it and low and behold it’s gone. Is it coming back by any chance? Pretty please!!!!!

  476. Jose says:

    Hi, I have a band and I would really love for you guys to upload our record on your website. Would this be possible?

  477. Poets says:

    New Jamiroquai album due to be released near the end of October

  478. James says:

    It’s that time again!!! Can you get the new linkin park cd up on here, it would be well appreciated. It’s called “a thousand suns”.


  479. Zik says:

    this is an awesome project.

    but im still missing the brand new album from “My Sister Grenadine” called “Subtitles & Paper Planes”.

  480. Rhinestone says:

    the new linkin park album is leaked. you can find it on the linkin park’s page on last FM

  481. Rhinestone says:

    In this month, the new October Tide album will be leaked. It’s called “A Thin Shell”. It’s a death doom metal band. Can you get it when it will be leaked? Thanks.

  482. RockHorns says:

    Please! post the new album from The Absence, titled “Enemy Unbound.”

    Thanks a ton!

  483. Nate says:

    Hey guys!
    Please post the new album from The Script, titled “Science & Faith”.
    I’m pretty sure it’s already on the net.


  484. is it possible to upload on mediafire, or 4shared? the waiting time on fileserve and hotfile is irritating at times. do you anyway to circumvent this problems beside being a premium member?

  485. J. Brooke says:

    Thank you for all the great music!!!
    I have a big request, Can you get Kristine W. new double album release, entitled:
    “Straight Up With A Twist” ??? I would go crazy if you had it.
    thanks so much.
    J. Brooke

  486. BarryTheCaveman says:

    As everyone has said before me: Thank you, this site is epic. Though I would like to request the use of Sendspace as each uploaded file can be up to 300mb, you don’t have to wait for the download to start and the download rates are more than reasonable.

    Anywho great site :D

  487. Miqsh says:

    Can you upload Armin van Buuren’s new album, Mirage pleaseeeeeee .. (with itunes tracks if you can find them) you are the best!! =D

  488. n00batthis says:

    Is there anyway to bypass the download limit for fileserve and hotfile other than being a premium member…?

  489. Tarantel says:

    Thanks for this great site!!

    I’ve a request. Could you put the cover inside the file? That would be perfect.


  490. gorilla says:

    Please upload new album Swashbuckle

  491. Me says:

    Please upload Shadowgarden-Ashen album.Thanks

  492. zack says:

    Rihanna – Loud.
    Thank you (:!~

  493. AdamSavage says:

    Here’s a link for the upcoming Mongrel ep “The New Breed of Old School” that will be coming out in October 2010. mp3′s in 320kps format. style is punk/rock/metal

  494. Johnny says:

    I was wondering if you could post Haley “All this Love”? an amazing dance album, thank you!

  495. IceMan says:

    Requests for:
    - ATROCITY – After the storm
    - JAMES LA BRIE – Static Impulse

    Could it be nice if the cover is packed inside the WinRAR file.

    Thank you.

  496. SJD says:

    Youre site is great. Please consider using Its fantastic.

  497. SJD says:

    new cd beth hart ?
    new cd taylor swift ?

  498. George says:

    Hi there.. you should upload TUG – another toxic day (2010) , one man band, legend in Greece rock / punk scene, independent release, upload it for free use.

  499. brandon says:

    can you get second thief’s brainwashed ep?thanks!

  500. bas says:

    Req: JoosTVD- The vanished Dutchman [2010]

  501. pasjfk says:

    I’m a fan of another forum ddl site in wich i “post” music…
    I want to take permissione to post the files posted also on this one… Could I ?

    p.s. I’m sorry for my student level English

  502. G N says:

    Where should i send you stuff to upload my bands album?

  503. musiclver329 says:

    request for jimmy eat world’s new album invented

  504. jackhoff says:



  505. callmegus says:

    why i always fail Download From those sites :( ( ..
    please guide me

  506. musicfreak says:

    The Lettermen new directions 2010
    Kevin Skinner long ride

  507. niels says:

    could one of the moderators upload Fat Joe’s J.O.S.E. 2, jealous ones still envy 2, again.. the links don’t work anymore.

    thank you, niels

  508. rapidopen says:

    Hi – I recommend Clara Luzia … can help you out with the files. And by the way – where do you get all the files? Only CD-rips? Impossible!

  509. Muzikgod says:

    Wondering if you can find the debut album for Bleeker Ridge, think it’s called Small Town Dead. Released on itunes Canada, coming to the US next week.

  510. REGN says:

    My album debut will be out in October and will be a pleasure to give it away for this website. I enjoy your site and musicians should too MUSIC MUST BE FREE ON THE NET. We musicians do this first for us, not like hypocrite artists say “we love y’all” so those who support us go buy CDs or show tickets. Buying Mp3s is like purchasing the sea sound. Keep up the good work! peace.

  511. Malibu says:

    Just wanted to say this is a fucking great site!

    Keep up the good work!

  512. Fan says:

    Yo I love ur site but can u put some more reggaton like don omar, plan b, jowell y randy

  513. bobprog says:

    Hi,i love your site and i’m a fan of prog muse,i have a request : Agents of mercy album: Dramarama,…thank you

  514. Anonymous says:

    Love your site, simply the best. I have a request: Mike Terrana’s sinfonica solo album, please!!!!!!

  515. niknik says:

    1st – i love the site — you’ve have given me an opportunity to listen to music that i would have never had the chance to — would you please post Bilal’s album “Airtight’s Revenge” – much love! niknik

  516. jackhoff says:



  517. Nika says:

    Hey, can you upload a conya doss’s new album blu transition?? Plzzzz!!!!

  518. Misanthropie says:

    Why do not you make a section for Classical music, being a fan of classical music, I sometimes find albums, but it would be better to have a complete section.

  519. bigtazzsmoke says:

    Waiting on the new kings of Leon come around sundown Deluxe Edition when r u gonna get it thank u

  520. Dengizik says:

    Your side is the best ! Gratulation ! I have a wish : Will Sumner : Tracks 2010 /smooth jazz/

  521. Eugalp says:

    Is it possible to send a link (via megaupload) with all the infos for you to share the album on your blog?

    For a young awesome band. They want to share the new album.

  522. Followill says:

    What a wonderful website! I find all the music I want and even more, I’m so grateful for all the artists you made me discover. Please continue, my Hotfile subscription has never been so useful. I should also add that I love the design of your site, good job.

    I’m looking forward for the next Kings of Leon’s album (official release on October 19th).

    Thank you so much again ;)

  523. Letty says:

    I have to say that i love this page it’s awesome, I’m from Chile and everyday I visit this page. I wanna thank you for your work cuz it’s amazing and also i would like ask for Speak now the new album of Taylor Swift, There’s some links in the internet but i can’t download it D: so i hope you see this and put the album in the page .-
    Thank so much *-*

    Saludos desde chile :D

  524. musiclver329 says:

    please upload new chiodos album illuminaudio up here thanks!!

  525. anth says:

    Would there be any chance of you putting up “Skin – Breaking The Silence”
    If you can it would be great thanx
    ill keep watching and hopeing

  526. Joihn says:

    This site is amazing to say the least. However, we HAVE to be careful that not too many people will find out or else it could get taken down. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep this site on the down low. Is there a way to donate by any chance. I strongly believe that after all that this site has contributed, I would be willing to donate some money. Its the least I can do :)

  527. Sylvie says:

    please upload the new TIMID TIGER Album TIMID TIGER & THE ELECTRIC ISLAND up here. Thanks!!!

  528. Ektoise says:

    Hey there

    Great site, I buy massive amounts of music on vinyl and I appreciate having a place where I can find digital downloads of those releases so I can have them on my mp3 player as well.

    Thought I’d pass on a link for my band Ektoise, we’ve put our debut album up for free in 24bit FLAC, 320kps mps etc at Bandcamp. The link will be permanent and we will never charge for this download. Our style is somewhere between Electronic, Alternative Rock, Ambient, Shoegaze and Drone. Hope you like it!

  529. M J says:

    I love your website !
    But are you gonna poste house music !! it will be really GOOD !! :D
    Thank you

  530. Rensrock says:

    Hi there. Website is dope. What about Bilal “art’s revenge” and Aloe Blacc “good things” albums. Thanks.

  531. MMMMMMM says:

    How can I contact administrator of this website to ask if it’s possible to upload my band’s music?
    Great site by the way!


  532. christsi says:

    Hello!! and a big thanks for all your great posts!!!!.. I have a favor to ask…. is it possible to include the cd cover on the rar-archive you’ re posting???..
    Keep rockin’ guys!!

  533. Solen says:

    first i wanna say thank you to all the people who host this awesome wepsite realy thank from our heart in saudia arabia we all Appreciate the hard work for this site everyday when i weak up first thing i do is to open this site pleas keep it on from better to better and to make this site to be on of the best awesome site,s in music industry……..

  534. musiclver329 says:

    new all that remains?

  535. IceMan says:


    - ELDORADO album “Golden”
    - SKY ARCHITECT album “Excavations of the mind”
    - UNITOPIA album “Artificial”
    - WOLFSPRING album “Wolfspring”

    Best site ever.
    Great !

  536. MIkael says:

    WOW Hits 2011 Deluxe Edition please!!!

  537. muso22 says:

    great site!
    but can you get rihannas ‘loud’ album?
    please & thank you!!

  538. Steve says:

    Hi Great site flipping AWESOME!!!!! but one question what has happened to the covers (art work) shows deleted or moved. thanks for the music.

  539. Heider says:

    Hi, you can pos the album from singer franch Dumé Je ne sais rien faire?

  540. Travis says:

    I am looking for Pancake Breakfast new album, its self titled Pancake Breakfast


  541. Jenny says:

    Hi, awsome site guys. Just curious to know if you can find the Blackroc album? Collaboration between Black Keys and Hip hop artists. It’s amazing and everyone deserves to hear it!

  542. afshin says:

    HI.thank u for this SITE.
    i just wanna ask somethin :please put a direct link for each is really hard in our country to download each album in mirror link .if you put a direct link someone like me can download much more Album.

  543. Matt says:

    John Lennon – Power To The People: Greatest Hits?


  544. Chris says:

    What is wrong with the covers??? Why can’t I see the pics??? Why do the photos break down? It was okay a couple of days ago ..

  545. My Idea of Fun says:

    I just found the newest My Idea of Fun release “Emmett and Mary – S/T”:

    Post it!

  546. Mick says:

    Just like to say a big thanks

  547. bigtazzsmoke says:

    Were you going to get Shawn Mullins – light me up;) Thank you

  548. bigtazzsmoke says:

    What’s wrong with the cd covers could u please correct it thank you

  549. AmonFire says:

    I suggest u to upload Technasia recent release “Central”. This thing smash !!! Best techno producers prove they know how to make a quality techno. Cheers

  550. MGSPW says:

    pls fix the fileserve links. most of the files are unaccessible. i suggest you upload to other file servers. it showed that your file server is no longer safe as ou claimed it to be.

  551. Misanthrope says:

    Could you bring me the new album of Abney Park : The End Of Days please !

  552. Kevin says:

    System Of A Down – Kill Rock N Roll: Greatest Hits

    I know its out there but all of the downloads are dead. Thanks

  553. musiclver329 says:

    senses fail the fire!!! please and thank you

  554. Hyskal says:

    What happen with the covers of the post on folk session? More that 50 albums are without cover!

  555. any says:

    hi! great site!
    just a suggestion: why don’t you put the RECORD LABEL too, in the file info? it should help people finding someting new and indie record labels too.

  556. bigtazzsmoke says:

    How could u not have Shawn Mullins new one could u guys please post it up

  557. Matt says:

    Bob Dylan The Bootleg Series Vol. 9 – The Witmark Demos: 1962–1964


  558. Rotkiv says:

    locnville album!! pleaseee upload!!

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